The Book Thief: film adaption assigned a director?

I can’t tell you which U.S. politicians are running presidential campaigns.

I can’t offer my slightest insight on Egypt’s own historical vote about to take place. Hell, I didn’t even know there were presidential elections happening in Egypt until today.

Frankly, I can’t even tell you the local weather forecast.

At this point, anyone will have better luck dragging an agoraphobic out of his or her home and discussing the latest trends in cat food or Lindsay Lohan’s newest faux pas as opposed to the alternative: dragging me out of books and discussing things – anything.

“I went to a rave last night. What’d you do, Raya?”

“I spent a pleasurable amount of time reading this book, drank coffee, and stared down some adult responsibilities until they receded into the dark recesses of my mind, lost to an eternity of forgetfulness.”



I guarantee that speaking to a parrot who has yet to master the art of mimicry will intrigue you more than hearing a word my mouth has to say.

Someplace I call Elsewhere has my mind entirely absorbed, and it’s a place where relevant news of any kind does not exist. As of late, I have been living inside worlds that are not mine: they are created by writers, owned and run by each book’s unique character set. I lose track of time (when did 11:00 pm become 4:00 am?), I cringe to I realize a full batch of schoolwork is in order lest I fail tomorrow’s exam, and I would have no idea what day it is if it weren’t for my phone. I’m fortunate to still know what the words “eat” and “breathe” mean. Suffice it to say, then, that because of this over-indulgence of literature, I have effectively grown into the least interesting person to discuss current events with.

Did my home state grant same-sex marriages? I’m so far removed from general news that I can only provide an uncertain “I think so…” But what I can say is I am near three months late in learning that the film adaption to The Book Thief has been assigned a director: Brian Percival. I’m excited! As it is my current read, I kept wondering, “Is The Book Thief a movie yet? No? No. Why is it not a movie yet?”

Who is Brian Percival, and does he direct well? I haven’t a clue (as usual), but it’s a developing piece of information I’m looking out for (and forward to).


7 thoughts on “The Book Thief: film adaption assigned a director?

  1. According to Wikipedia, Brian Percival is a British Director who directed North & South andThe Old Curiosity Shop. He’s also a BAFTA winner for a Short Film. He sounds qualified enough lol.

    • So I read! (I tried reading North & South last year. It didn’t work out, but I’ve heard good things about the BBC version.) I’m interpreting his achievements and success so far as “will direct a great Book Thief film adaption” — fingers crossed.

      • I haven’t read North & South yet, but I’ve heard good things of the BBC Version. Then again when has BBC ever made a bad adaptation?

        If it makes you feel better Pride & Prejudice didn’t work out for me lol. I kept getting annoyed at Jane because she reminded me so much of myself.

        I hope The Book Thief will be a great film adaptation too!

      • I really wanted to finished North & South, but Margaret bothered me too much. She struck me as very simple-minded, but I only read to about page 76 or so, ha. I also desperately wanted Mr. Henry Lennox to be a Mr. Darcy, but of course North & South is no Pride and Prejudice! Maybe one day I will finish it…

        I also haven’t read Pride and Prejudice yet! Although I do have it marked down as a summer-read. (I plan on snatching my mom’s copy!) But I’ve enjoyed the film adaptions (:

    • I bet we would take many trips to the library together :B

      (Also: I’ve been meaning to write back, but my wrist has decided to be cruel. Carpal, maybe? Eww. I’m scheduling a doctor’s appointment. I’m having difficulty writing out assignments and taking notes in class now. Bugger.)

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