It’s growing (and versatile)!

Oh, gosh. Memorial day weekend came and went as a slow-motion blur of reading, and it has utterly warped my sense of time. What day is it? I awoke dumbfounded. What I believed was Sunday was indeed a Monday, and what now I feel should be a Monday is in fact a Tuesday. When I think back to last week, Friday and Saturday seem to mingle and mix together as an extra drawn-out twenty-four hours. Somewhere, however, in the midst of all my reading and time-forgetting came a nice surprise.

In the afternoon-ness of Sunday, a couple hours after I had slept off an all-night reading binge, I found that Savindi was kind enough to give my blog mention in her Versatile Blogger Award post. Accordingly, this blog has been nominated and thus awarded the VBA! I extend my thanks! If you haven’t encountered Savindi’s blog yet, I encourage you to check it out — go, go!

Now, there are rules to this award:

  • If you’re nominated, you’ve been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award.
  • Thank the person who gave you this award. Include a link to their blog.
  • Next select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Often, I view my blog as a baby — it’s still in developing stages. I have been periodically posting on this blog close to a year and one month. Throughout all these days, weeks, and months that have quietly passed, I have a mere twenty-four posts! Certainly very little blogging has been accomplished. However! Since February of this year, I’ve made it a goal to maintain some regular activity here — a steadily growing amount of reviews and general book-enthused raves, all surrounding the few odd “miscellaneous” posts. Slowly but surely, my blog is growing.

But within the four months of sparse (but regular) activity, interaction with other bloggers has been even scarcer. Uh-oh! For this reason, my nominee list is horribly and embarrassingly short. You’ll see, just scroll a bit farther down…

  1. First up is April. Which blog should I mention? She’s compartmentalized, see: one for books and movies and another for traveling escapades. Click over to Insert Title Here for April’s book commentary or Dreaming’s Not the Problem, Action Is to read her latest adventures. (Hope you’re having fun in Istanbul!)
  2. I’ve followed bibliophiliacs just over two months, and it wouldn’t feel right to not give mention.  Yes, she has already been given the versatile award, but more than one nomination never hurt a blogger! Whether it’s a link to Ellen’s 50 Shades of Gray reading, about the philosophy of shoplifting, or DC Comic’s gay superhero announcement, I can always expect something of interest.
  3. A blog I recently discovered is circle under streetlights. (I looked, and I didn’t see a versatile blogger post. Am I right? If not: here’s another. The more, the merrier!) This blog has a lot going for it, and with a whole range of topics. I particularly look forward to more Saturday Sweet Thang posts. (Yum!)
  4. Two-Legged Animal is another new follow for me, and she is never short on interesting news!
  5. For anyone who craves book recommendations, check out Blogging for a Good Book. I don’t live anywhere near Virginia, but I always enjoy seeing an update from the staff at the Williamsburg Regional Library.

Now for the all-about-me part! Seven facts for Savindi:

  1. I’m still an original Pokémon series fan. When I spot a Pokémon marathon, whether it be episodes or movies, I will drop whatever I am doing and watch it. Life is pure bliss and rampant in nostalgia during those hours.
  2. I was so frightened of people in animal costumes as a toddler that if an escape route was blocked I’d cry. And cry. And cry (loudly). Imagine my horror at two years when a live Barney paraded inside the same bookstore as me.
  3. I have a cat! Or did. (Pause for moment of sadness) He went to stay with my grandmother during a move, and he has stayed there ever since. I would like to tell her, “Grandma, I require my cat,” but

    Andy. He is yawning, possibly smiling, or considering the option of attacking my face (it would not be the first time).

    there’s something inherently wrong about that. How do I ask my lonely grandma for my/her cat? They at least keep each other company.

  4. My mom watched Days of Our Lives through the bulk of my childhood, which is where I learned about the name Bo: it’s androgynous! My five-year-old mind was blown. For the next three years I would name every caterpillar Bo. Are you a boy or girl? I’d ask the caterpillars. They remained mute while I remained stupid. Bo it is, then.
  5. A favorite syndicated show of mine to watch is Mister Ed. From the 1960s, it’s about none other than Miser Ed (a horse that talks!) and his owner, Wilbur Post.
  6. Currently, I’m taking pre-requisite courses for my school’s nursing program. Travel nursing, psychiatric nursing, and neonatal nursing are a few fields that interest me.
  7. I love to bake and eat Julekake in December! Minus any almonds — I’m all about candied fruit and frosting.

9 thoughts on “It’s growing (and versatile)!

  1. I love your Seven Facts Raya! I can relate to a parent watching Soap Operas. My dad used to watch Young & The Restless and one time in Grade 12 he refused to pick me up after school because Y & R was on at the time I called. He did know that it was going to be on in another hour on a different channel. But that didn’t deter his determination to watch it at the time I called. So I was stuck at school for an hour.

    • Ah — that’s terrible, but an amusing story! Did he warn you ahead of time, or were you left wondering why your dad wasn’t there?

      That sounds like something my dad would have done, only he’s a sports enthusiast and would never miss a game on TV for anything. I’d tell him they’d recap the scores on the local news, and he’d say, “Yeah, no…”

      Although, there was a time when I was obsessed over Dawson’s Creek. I got hooked into watching repeats and would skip class.

      • We had a conversation over the phone, and he was insistent that he watch Y&R Now and then I got fed up and said “Fine! You come pick me up after it’s done then” and he happily hung up and came after it was over lol. Ohhh Dawson’s Creek, it was a good show. My dad was a massive O.C. Fan…he was quite disappointed when it was cancelled. Did you have a favourite character on Dawson’s Creek?

    • It’s been some time since I’ve watched the show, but I know I liked Jack (and Jen), and also Pacey the best. I liked Dawson, but I rooted more for the Pacey/Joey pairing. Which character(s) did you like the most?

      • It’s all right — if it’s one thing I’m good at it’s replying late myself. I have some e-mails and messages on other sites that date back from months ago!

        Oh, did her and Pacey date? For some reason I don’t remember her very well.

      • Oh, I watch that show! Rather, I catch repeats when I see it’s on, but I’ve seen most of the episodes (minus the new season). She played Hotchner’s (ex-)wife (:

  2. I haven’t been following it for a long time, but I used to watch it religiously when I was in High School and the first two years of university. Yup she played Hotch’s wife and Morgan used to be on Young & The Restless lol.

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