Lovely day, lovely award, lovely blogs!

Sandwiched between this week’s late-night caffeinated cramming and my Friday reveries was Lea’s One Lovely Blog Award nominations. Among the nominated, I am delighted to say, is Midnight Coffee Monster! Thank you! Venture over with a click and read her award post here, but don’t forget to browse the rest of Lea At Sea! It’s a blog well worth your time.

To accept this award:

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
  • Paste the award image on your blog.
  • Tell 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other blogs that you would like to give the award to.
  • Contact the bloggers that you have chosen and let them know about the award.

For the fun part: blog nominations! Reading other people’s nominations and giving exposure is a great way to make new discoveries, but I’m going to leave it at the oddball number of nine this time — I hope everyone takes a look at the ones they are unfamiliar with!

  1. The Tiger’s Eye is a new follow for me as well as a new favorite — books, quotes, books… everywhere! Her Rainer Maria Rilke post didn’t hurt either, as I’m an adamant fan of his work.
  2. Read Anna’s blog, No Boiling Water for Tea, and watch it grow. It will grow because I am about to demand it be updated. Anna, one of our blogs needs updating and it isn’t mine. (As it happens, she also deserves credit as being the one who introduced me to Rilke.)
  3. Want to learn proper grammar? Blah Blah Blog is the blog for you.
  4. Head over to Savindi’s blog and see what’s happening at The Streetlight Reader. She always has a review in store and monthly book challenges — follow this month’s Harry Potter postings!
  5. I never tire of News of the Times: a blog always fresh, intriguing, and ready to stir up good discussion.
  6. The Nomad Grad is all about travel! Read Hilary Billing’s post-college journey one trip at a time.
  7. Check out The Big Sheep Blog for a fun dose of humor — I look forward to reading every post.
  8. Click The Librarian Who Doesn’t Say “Shhh” to read book reviews! (Who doesn’t like a librarian who doesn’t shush people?)
  9. I Remember Delight is largely a book blog for now, full of reviews and challenges, with smaller mentions from other forms of entertainment (such as TV and music) — give it a read!

If you so desire to read, here are seven facts about me:
1. I rarely purchase new books that I haven’t yet read. If I do, someone save the cash because I can’t stop.
2. Last spring I wrecked my car, having ripped a fire hydrant from the ground before speeding into a ditch. The hydrant felt violated and flooded my car with its cries, and the Herald had nothing better to report — I made page two in the newspaper the following day.
3. Two weeks later a second accident occurred: a deer. I am haunted by nightmares and a cloud of raining guilt.
4. I leave pencil markings in all my library check-outs, and I sometimes address notes to the next reader.
5. Literature and coffee-guzzling aside, I have one (lesser known) major obsession: watching Korean dramas. They can seem ridiculous, but they are addictive. I have a predilection for romantic comedies, a few favorite being Mary Stayed Out All Night, Personal Preference, and Boys Before Flowers (for shame — I watched the Japanese version, too, and yes: movie included).
6. I try to archive all my favorite quotes.
7. Because I am one of those obnoxious people who can’t refrain from gushing and fangirling on the Internet, one of my favorite (and little-known) music artists found me. And not once, but twice. Possibly three times. I, embarrassed, mentally noted to behave more, but my enthusiasm landed me some items that I consider rather neat and special: signed CDs! T-shirts! Mushi stickers! Awesome, am I right? I have expressed appreciation before, but I say it again: a big thank you to Rasmus! (I still listen.)

**His name is Rasmus Fynbo, and you may also find him under the names of Mushi and Lake Fargo. It has been some time since I have looked, but you can give his music a try on iTunes, Last.Fm, BandBase, and YouTube!

All that music!


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