Reading Challenge: Austen in August

If, like me, you have always thought to read an Austen novel but never made time — or perhaps you’d simply like to read more Austen / Austen-related works — then join me next month. Take advantage of Austen in August (click to read sign-up post!) , a reading event hosted by Roof Beam Reader where we aim to read anything-Austen. This not only includes any and all novels by Jane Austen, but biographies and other Austen-based works (Austenland and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, for example).

Come August, I will dive into this challenge for the proper shove I need. For years, I told myself to read Pride & Prejudice, eyeing the rest of Austen’s work with equal amount of twinkle and fancy, but failed to take action. I always have a hefty load of books ready to read, all scattered and stacked across the floor and table tops, and I plan to make room for at least two Austen novels in August: Pride & Prejudice and Persuasion (or Northanger Abbey… my mind finds it difficult to choose, as usual).

If you wish to participate, visit the sign-up post and leave a comment. Happy reading!

8 thoughts on “Reading Challenge: Austen in August

    • You aren’t the first to say this — a lot of high recommendation is a good thing. I think Persuasion will be the next Austen read after Pride & Prejudice! It seems to be winning out.

    • People keep suggesting Persuasion to me, so I think I should get to reading that after Pride & Prejudice!

      For Sense & Sensibility: I may be able to fit in three Austen novels, then! I’ll see how it goes.

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