More books!

Booksbooksbooks! I was 1 of 4 winners from Savindi’s giveaway last month, and look at what arrived in the mail this week:

Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

As noted in the caption, pictured above is Koushun Takami’s Battle Royale — another book of many that I’m anxious to read. Although published several years back, the title only recently grabbed a hold of my attention; albeit, the grip was loose (and entirely my fault). The summary stared me down and directly in the eye, but I’m an idiot, because all that crossed my mind was Casino Royale. I love James Bond and I love James Bond movies, but I’m not sure how I will fair with a James Bond novel.

It’s like this: before I watched Shutter Island I noted to read the book, and I certainly tried… Dennis Lehane may write some thrilling mysteries, but the genre and I have a rugged acquaintanceship. I’m simply not all too interested, so Shutter Island was quietly put down after twenty-odd pages. (A bag hides my face, and its name is Shame.) I did enjoy the movie, however — as I expected — and I’m always ready for a Mystic River re-watch.

With all that said: BATTLE ROYALE IS NOT CASINO ROYALE. Battle Royale‘s summary stared me down all right: the raised eyebrow, lips in a firm-pressed line, eyes piercing and indifferent. It stings. It’s the look that oozes superiority by right of a wounded ego and says, “I’m better than that.” Then, not long ago, idiocy lifted (or some of it) — whisked away like a blinding mist — and I read the summary. For the most part, I think Battle Royale and I are now friends, and maybe we can become best friends if we like each other enough. I’m counting it toward the Books in Translation challenge, naturally.

Also in my mail:

At 17, I became fascinated and almost (read: almost) obsessed with Kate Chopin and her work during a college English course. The ohh and ahh and I think I love you, Kate Chopin never reached the point where I begin pasting, taping, and pinning author quotes to my walls and notebooks. Don’t misunderstand: I did, still do, and probably always will adore Kate Chopin’s writing.

I first discovered Desiree’s Baby in my world literature class, and then I later had the opportunity to read and study (not all but) most of Chopin’s other short stories. Sadly, though, I still have not read The Awakening. I expect good things.

Wilde and Brontë’s books present me unfamiliar text, but since I’m familiar with their plot and adaptions I hope to enjoy both play and novel. I eagerly want to start each of these books (Battle Royale, mostly), but I have one “problem”: library books.

It’s precisely why I always find trouble trying to read the books I do own, and it’s precisely why I often refrain from new purchases. For one, I have immense difficulty deciding which books to buy (which results in splurges), then there’s the HASSLE of choosing which to read first, and then there are my library check-outs with due dates.

A weekend full of reading! (Also: movies. I’ll finally watch The Secret World of Arrietty.)


15 thoughts on “More books!

    • I think the concept of both books is more like a reproduction of gladiator death matches, lol. But yeah, I’ve heard it’s more violent and it does seem, well, better than THG. I like Collins’ series, but they’re such swift reads.

      Have you heard about the Battle Royale movie? I want to watch it after I finish the book.

    • I did! Or I got one — does a bookmark come with each book? I have one about fish that was tucked inside The Awakening & Selected Stories. I’m using it right now. (:

  1. Arietty was being sold on Blu-Ray at Best Buy. I thought: should I get it? And then I thought: no, Anna. Save your money. Save your money for food.

    And I did.

    I hope you find Jane Eyre captivating. I read a summary of the ending, and having read through the middle, I was a bit baffled (though–okay–I guess there would have been clues, I was just too drowsy with boredom). Speaking of bookmarks, did you ever make those pencil box glue bookmarks in primary school? I was envious of those other children, but my mother said they might melt in the middle of books, and I was sufficiently horrified.

    • My disappointment with Arrietty reached the point where I didn’t finish it. It dragged. I had a similar experience with Ponyo: I enjoy the movie (kind of) while watching it, but if I break away from the boredom (slow-progress) I refuse to go back.

      I didn’t, but they sound sticky. Primary school left me too busy weeping over my failure to properly subtract numbers without a calculator. Our scores were taped to the wall, and I had the lowest. The lowest.

      • I felt like Ponyo was trying to make an environmental statement but never realized its potential. The ending song was catchy.

        I made a D on my first math test in primary school and I think I’ve spent the rest of my academic career paying for it.

      • Well, now I feel compelled to borrow someone’s Ponyo copy to hear the song.

        Did you ever see The Cat Returns? I love that one (or at least I recall loving it, but it’s been a long while). It’s prequel, however… Eh.

        Ha ha, have you ever received a zero? I was appalled when handed back a quiz: 0/10, it read. I asked my teacher to confirm, as it could not possibly be correct. Oh, but it was.

      • I plan on seeing TCR sometime (just like Whisper of the Heart… and that hasn’t gone so well).

        I probably have. I remember I got a 0 on a handwriting test once. I don’t think I understood. NO CREDIT AT ALL? Impossible.

      • But: YOU MUST SEE IT SOON. Because it’s good and I remember enjoying it (a lot). Although I think I enjoyed Spirited Away more… I grew out of Howl’s Moving Castle rather quickly, but everyone else seemed deeply in love with that one.

        (Also: Seraphina is so. good. I skimmed a few pages here and there in places I have not read yet. I’m thoroughly upset with myself.)

      • I’VE BUMPED IT ON MY LIST. it’s in the high-ranked to-watch ether amongst V for Vendetta and The Shining, though both of the latter are discouragingly disapproved of by the original creators. I want to see Spirited Away again. You know the prostitution theory? (And then there’s the Totoro theory… Miyazaki just wanted to make nice films and then everyone had to SCREW IT UP.)

        I have a craving for movies about cults. And books about cults, if I can bring myself to finish them. I went on a Youtube ex-Scientology and Mormon veil-working spree recently. Sea Org is horrifying.

        (I’m glad. And there’s the sequel. I’m digging her names.)

      • High five for Spirited Away (and TCR). No — the prostitution theory? Do tell.

        I’ve only seen V for Vendetta and The Shining’s movie counterparts. I wasn’t too in love with V for Vendetta, but I like The Shining. Heeere’s Johnny! Speaking of King: I want to read The Body, and badly. The library has it in audio format (no) or lumped in the 500+ page collection of Different Seasons. There are already too many books checked out that I don’t see how I could read it anyway. Oh sob, my life, etc.

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