Friday Finds #5

  • Friday Finds is a book meme hosted by MizB at Should be Reading. It’s a chance to share and show off books you discovered (online, at the library, or in a bookstore) and added to your TBR list.

I did manage to cut down my to-read list by at least 200 books, and by no means was this accomplished through reading. Rather, I deleted obvious classics (obvious to me, anyway) that — in some point in life — I wish to read. (Think The Three Musketeers, Don Quixote, Gone with the Wind, Hamlet, etc.) The moment in which I felt a flicker of accomplishment (“Oh my God, it’s not a 980 book-long monster anymore!) passed quickly, as my resolve not to add anymore books for the rest of the year died. The fact that GoodReads recommendations appears fixed did not help.

Crown Duel is a re-discovery, one of many books I found again while sorting through my TBR pile. I’m excited to read this one in particular and marked it as a fall/winter read. Which books did you find recently? Share with me!

I’m off to continue my month of Jane Austen reading — happy Friday, everyone. Enjoy the weekend!


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