Friday Finds #6

  • Friday Finds is a book meme hosted by MizB at Should be Reading. It’s a chance to share and show off books you discovered (online, at the library, or in a bookstore) and added to your TBR list.

My TBR list and I share a frivolous love-hate relationship, and it’s entirely one-sided. My list is a non-sentient, book-infested tumor and could not be any less aware of how I feel towards it. On the one hand, I love stuffing it. I can stuff it all I want, because it has no limit. At no point will it cease growing and swell into the danger-zone of bursting.

Then again, there’s some disappointment in watching my TBR list stretch without control. Too many books and certainly never enough time, but not enough memory to remember all these books! A TBR list is essential.









I enjoy discovering new books, which means an unknowable amount of published and to-be published literature will find a spot on my TBR list — but it’s where cobwebs form. It’s so large that I can’t possibly read them all, but I did manage to cut my TBR list down (if anyone recalls). I’m just surprised that I haven’t stuffed it back up by now. In any case, these are my Friday Finds — my shortest FF list yet, I’m sure.

TGIF & happy finds!


6 thoughts on “Friday Finds #6

    • Exactly! I still have books from my early teen years that were never read because of some other distraction, and that “some other distraction” is usually another book.

  1. The Hangmans’ Daughter sounds fascinating. I’m a sucker for historical fiction, and when witchcraft is mixed in, I really can’t say no. Great find!

    • I think so, too. I first found the sequel to The Hangman’s Daughter on a bookstore’s recommended shelf. The book covers for both are pretty, but the synopsis makes me want to read the series (:

  2. I added The Scorpia Races to my wishlist this week and have heard it’s far better than The Wolves of Mercy series, so I’ll be excited to read it! :)

    • I’m actually very excited to read The Scorpio Races, too! I have heard of the author’s Wolves of Mercy Falls series, but I didn’t know she’d written this as well.

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