Some news, a thank you, and an apology for last week!

My WordPress activity this last week was nearly stagnant while I did pass time navigating GoodReads now and then — I’m sure some GoodReads pals noticed. I fell behind in comments and other bloggers’ posts, and I already feel lost within the community after a week-long partial absence. These eyes of mine finally checked my WP Reader on Sunday, as I had not been updated on any blog since last Monday. In the meantime, I am mostly up-to-date with everyone’s comments (as well as posts), although I am aware of other comments that need replies. I will get to them!

I am sorry for the lag in response time on my part, as well as for the temporary post-halt. I appreciate every comment and love to respond, but my pace is on the slower side at the moment. A bit of sad news rained down, which explains some of my lack of activity.

I found out that my dear old cat, Andy, was put down on Monday (8/27) — news that I did not hear until the following day. He was old (over 20 years), but he was not — to my knowledge — in any kind of major distress or unbearable pain. Not only was it was my hope that he would have the privilege to live out the rest of a natural life, but that the person taking care of him would in fact take care of him. Instead, it seems the cost of keeping an old cat played lead role in deciding to go through with euthanizing him. What’s done is done, but there’s still a twinge of sadness (and a grudge…). Andy had always remained within a select circle of family members, so his loss is strongly felt. He was a wonderfully friendly cat with the sweetest temperament, and I miss him terribly.

To add, a close relative of mine is very ill. I dedicate a large part of my every day helping this person out, which does take a toll on both my personal life and hence my blogging activities (naturally). While I love this person, it’s impossible not to feel my energy drain to a new low by afternoon on most days. (But of course: as a night owl, I’m wide-eyed and awake at midnight, no matter how little sleep I get!) With this and fall classes about start, I expect my availability and free time will further decrease. Still, I would like to keep midnight coffee monster an active blog! There’s no way to tell if I can keep up with weekly book meme posts each week, but I do have reviews planned and will be updating soon about R.I.P. VII.

(And I must admit that I sacrificed blogging opportunities so that I could finish Legend of Korra last week. It was worth it, even if Aang’s show wins my favor. Where are my fellow ATLA fans? I know you’re out there.)

Books I will definitely review include: A Monster Calls, The Merchant at the Alchemist’s Gate, and The Hobbit. (I’m combining week 2 and 3 questions for The Hobbit group read — it will be posted no later than Wednesday/Thursday.) I am unsure if I will review Northanger Abbey yet, but I am busy adoring every page of it. I should also receive a copy of Y: A Novel by Marjorie Celona, which I will review as well in spirit of GoodReads First Reads!

Y: A Novel by Marjorie Celona

“Y. The wishbone, fork in the road, empty wine glass. The question we ask over and over. Why? My life begins at the Y…” so opens the story of Shannon, a newborn left at the doors of the local YMCA. Bounced between foster homes, Shannon endures neglect and abuse before she finally finds stability with Miranda, a single mother with a daughter of her own. But as Shannon grows, so do her questions. Who is her true family? Why would her parents abandon Shannon on the day she was born?

The answers lie in the heartrending tale of her mother, a headstrong young woman with a flawed and desperate fate, trapped in a tragic series of events that will destroy her family and test the limits of her compassion and sacrifice.

It’s a dose of literary fiction from what I can gather, which I don’t read too often but usually enjoy. Likewise, I hope to enjoy Celona’s novel!

That’s it from me for now. Thank you to all who continue to follow this blog — I appreciate every comment, every like, and every subscriber.

Enjoy your week, and happy reading!


21 thoughts on “Some news, a thank you, and an apology for last week!

  1. I am really sorry about Andy :( and I hope you are feeling okay. But it’s awesome to find out that you are an Avatar fan! :) I like the series with Aang better, but Korra is fun, too!

    • I’m sad that I didn’t get a chance for goodbyes, but I’m also grateful that I wasn’t there. I would have had the awfullest time letting go!

      I love The Last Airbender. I don’t care what age I’m at — I can be 70, and I will still re-watch the show, ha ha. (In fact, I’m thinking of re-watching it again…) I wish Korra had a longer first season since it felt a bit rushed, but I do like it and I’m looking forward to season 2!

    • Thank you — he was a sweet cat!

      Me too! I’ve watched ATLA so many times now. I just heard about The Promise… A graphic novel that takes place one year after the show’s end with supposed connections to LOK. I’m on the fence with it, but I requested it from the library.

      You should watch Korra when you can! Season two is coming out next year (:

  2. I’m sorry to hear about Andy Raya :(. Yay you watched Legend of Korra! I still prefer Aang as an Avatar, but I love the music of LOK. I love the use of more string instruments. The characters are awesome as well!

    • I was pretty furious when I found out , and there’s some residual upset emotions, but I’m glad I wasn’t there when it happened. I would have liked to say good bye, but I don’t think I could have stopped crying! It’s always sad to lose a pet.

      The music for both ATLA and LOK is good. Do you know if an LOK soundtrack was released? I downloaded what I could find for LOK, ha ha. It took me a while, but I finally got a ‘complete’ version of The Rally.

      Bolin makes me laugh! His flirtation attempts deserve an award for effort.

      • I’m sorry for the late reply Raya! School started for me this week and I already have a paper due on October 9th! That’s so early considering that usually it’s November that’s crunch time. Oh well what can you do lol.

        Have classes started for you already or are they starting later for you? I actually don’t know if the LOK soundtrack has been officially released but I know some the tracks are up on youtube. So maybe you can get them from there?

        Haha I love Bolin too. Meelo is such a funny character too!

      • It’s okay. I haven’t even begun classes yet and my response time is also lagging! I’ll be back in school on the 27th, so I have another few weeks to wait.

        That’s true — major due dates and exams always seem to creep up in November and December for me. Good luck on your paper! (:

        I was amused to find Zuko’s voice actor playing Iroh, too. (Although the voice sounds too young for Iroh, methinks.) Ahh, but I really can’t wait for season two! I hope it’s released early in 2013.

      • Are you excited for school to start? I can’t believe you start so late lol! Does that mean your Christmas break is shorter or anything like that? I’m sorry I’m not very familiar with the US education system.

        Haha I hope my paper goes well too! I should start thinking about it soon considering that it’s due October 9th- the day after the Thanks giving weekend in Canada. Seriously profs should know better. Nobody does any work during the Thanksgiving weekend.

        At first I did like the fact that Dante Bosco was doing the voice of Iroh. I think I even cheered when I heard his voice, but then the more I thought about it, I think it’s a bit too young for Iroh. But I’m looking forward to season 2. Although I have to say that I prefer Aang as the Avatar. I like Korra, but I’m not a massive fan of her.

      • Me neither! I’m used to classes starting later than most other regions, but I think this is the latest it’s been for me. Can’t say I’m complaining about it, ha ha. Hmm, I’m not sure about Christmas break. I know last year we had a several weeks off — most of December and the first week of January were spent on break!

        Ahh, I had to do research during the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend last year. I spent the whole time getting my research in and planning the rough draft, and that’s when my laptop crashed. I was so upset! Thankfully a tech was able to fix it, though I had to do everything a second time — it was one of my more frustrating schoolwork experiences, that’s for sure.

        What is your essay about?

        I wish Korra had a longer first season, because it seemed a bit rushed towards the end. I guess I was hoping for an on-going arc that would stretch over into season two, but I think they originally planned for one season of LoK. Overall, I’d say ATLA is a stronger series, though I hope LoK will develop more.

        I also prefer Aang — I just miss the whole show in general! It has a great list of characters who are wonderfully complex! I love re-watching episodes, too :D

  3. How awful you had to find out that way about Andy. And now with an ill relative to take care of, I’m sure it’s been a lot to handle recently.
    Take things at your own pace, I’m sure none of your subscribers would judge you for taking care of things out in the “real world.” ;) And I’m looking forward to your review of The Hobbit!

    • I felt so shocked and upset when I was told about it. I’ve had few other pets in my life, and he’s been with the family for the longest time. It’s odd now, getting used to speaking in past tense rather than present!

      Thank you! I always feel bad when I have to leave comments dangling unanswered for more than a day. I’m not ignoring, I promise!

      The Hobbit was fun to read, which makes me wonder how well the film’s atmosphere will match the book’s tone. (The movie looks great either way!) I gotta say I’m looking forward to Gollum’s scene.

    • My laptop started to crash as I was writing my thesis last semester! Urghhh it was such a nightmarish situation and Future Shop simply wouldn’t take responsibility for selling a lemon to me. It was just so upsetting, but after my dad came with me to speak to them they gave me a new machine. I haven’t decided what my essay topic’s going to be yet, but it’s going to be on women in Asia. This semester I’m doing another Independent Reading Course and that’s on Sino-Japanese Relations during the Meiji/Taisho period.

      I was talking to my brother about this, but I didn’t think Korra deserved to go into the Avatar state. She didn’t even do anything. Lol I suppose I’m still a bit bitter over what happened with Mako and Asami thanks to Korra. But I will the music that was played when she went into the Avatar state was sooo beautiful and powerful. One of my favourite episodes from ATLA was “The Drill”. That was such a good episode.

      • Computer issues are horrible to deal with, especially when you’re in school and have important papers due! Technological inventions are amazing and useful… when they work. It’s a good thing they finally gave a new one, though.

        That course sounds interesting! I’m a little envious of it, compared to my all my math and science, ha ha :P

        I agree — I thought the exact same thing when Korra went into the avatar state! She did nothing, and the power seemed handed to her. Do you prefer Mako/Asami over Mako/Korra? I was worried about Asami when she’s first introduced, but I like her character.

        “The Drill” is one of my favorite ATLA episodes, too! Azula is a great villain, and I love it when the White Lotus frees Ba Sing Se in the finale.

      • Computer issues are horrible, especially when you’re somewhat technologically challenged like I am lol. It is an interesting course :). I like learning about all the political turmoil in Japan prior to the events that occurred with the Pearl Harbour bombings and the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Politics is complicated, that’s what I’ve gathered from my readings so far.

        Does your program offer space to take electives?

        Yeah, I was disappointed how Korra went into the Avatar State. I think the only reason I like the scene is for the music and how she makes the ocean water come up lol. Oh I’m a Mako/Asami fan, but after all the jerk moves he did to her, I’d rather her end up with General Iroh lol. What about you?

        I love the music in “The Drill”. It was so fantastic and I agree Azula is a great villain. A part of me feels sorry for her though. I really want to learn about what happened in to Ursa. I’m so sad that we don’t know what happened to her. Maybe it’s answered in the comics?

      • Politics have always been so confusing for me, even when I try to understand.

        I believe it does, though I get unpleasant looks from my advisor, lol. Plus, there aren’t many options for different classes, unfortunately. I have to take classes at the community college here since the 4-year uni doesn’t have a nursing program, and the community college lacks more diverse topics.

        I think I’m neutral on Mako/Asami vs. Mako/Korra pairing. I was okay with him and Korra before Asami’s introduction, and then he was a jerk to Asami — a very sincere apology from him would have been nice, in the very least!

        I’ve had this small grudge against ATLA creators for teasing us about what happened to Ursa! I really would like to know, and I was upset that they cut off the scene between Zuko and Ozai. If I remember correctly, I think they said Ursa’s story might get its own comic? But I hope they let us all know at some point either way.

  4. What a beautiful cat, Andy was. It’s hard to say goodbye to a furry family member.

    And what a wonderful thing you do — taking care of your ill family member. Sacrifice is never easy, but I’ll be your family member sure appreciates you a lot.

    Still, don’t forget to nourish your own self. Midnight Coffee Monster must continue! :)

  5. Rest in peace, Andy.
    It must be hard for you, with all these happening at once. I hope you’re feeling better. :)
    I used to take a few peeks when my brother was watching Avatar. I’m not a huge fan, but I liked one character quite a bit. It seems that I have forgotten his name. Hmm…

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