Reading Challenges: R.I.P. VII & The Literary Others

Even if I disregard all the challenges I’ve signed up for over at GoodReads (at least 3 or 4, if I remember correctly) and leave the oh-so-very overwhelming ONE READING CHALLENGE outside GR, I’m not doing too well. Should I bother to look at the books I’ve read this year, I’m certain I will spy a few translated works. Not to forget that I am currently staring at another several translated books for this particular challenge, yet I experience a ridiculous time trying to sit down and actually read them. My problem is not only hoarding books (which results in some conflict, attempting to choose one book, only to succeed in not reading anything because I’ve been too busy book-hopping). In fact, I have second problem: reading challenges. I have somehow stuck the idea in my head that why yes I can read these 10 YA books in three months and these 10 historical fiction novels in the next six months and I can probably manage another 5 classics, and oh — I forgot about the YA alphabetical challenge! Only 13 more…

I shouldn’t neglect the number of books I pick up at random — books that have no relation to any challenge whatsoever, and I grab these books by multiple truckloads like a book-obsessed, caffeinated terror (because that is what I am). It is fair to assume, then, that completing even one challenge feels like a special accomplishment for me. Regardless of the fact that I can admit to this — that the chances of me finishing any challenge by the end of 2012 appears highly unlikely — I’m going ahead with two more! Woo.

The first reading event I’m joining is R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril VII (September – October), hosted by Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings. This “challenge” is intended to be a FUN event (but aren’t they all?), so the goal is to read as many or little perilous stories as you wish. Should you click over (which I hope you do and think you should), you’ll find there are several R.I.P. happenings taking place this September and October. Currently, there is a read-a-long of Sarah Waters’ The Little Stranger, and I may take part in October’s read-a-long (Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book). While I am eager to attempt Peril the First (4 books), I may wind up with 2 or simply 1 book — who’s to say? Here is a list of some books I’m considering:

I’m not about to claim I will read even 3 of these, but a girl can try. If you have any good recommendations, shoot them my way, please.

The second challenge, The Literary Others, is another event hosted by Roof Beam Reader occurring in October. In light of LGBT History Month, pick however many books you wish to read as long as they are LGBT-related/themed OR written by a gay author. If this interests you even slightly, I suggest you head over to the sign-up post and comment before October 10th! (Psst: Participants who register early can enter giveaways.)

My list so far consists of:

The last few YA LGBT books I read were disappointing, so I’d especially love it if someone has good young adult books in mind for this event — please share with me? (So long as you do not recommend The Vast Fields of Ordinary. I will absolutely not read that again.)



11 thoughts on “Reading Challenges: R.I.P. VII & The Literary Others

    • Awesome! I’ve wanted to read Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde for a long, long time. I think it’s fairly short, too, so I’d love to make time for it and review as well.

      • I hope we both end up enjoying it, then!

        Ooh, so many people have suggested I read Game of Thrones. I haven’t gotten to it yet, but I hear it’s a great series. I hope you enjoy that one!

      • I just bought it for $.99 on my Nook. And it has illustrations and a link to the audio book. I’m on the second chapter already. It’s so easy to get caught up in it. And you are right. It is short. Thank goodness. :)

  1. If you haven’t read Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher, I highly recommend it. I might check out the LGBTQ challenge but I don’t think I’ll participate. I’m failing in 3 challenges already and I don’t think my ego could take another hit right now. But I’m always interested in reading more LQBTQ books.

    • I haven’t read it yet, but I definitely recognize the cover. I never read the synopsis before, either — sounds like it might be a touching read. My heart is really set on reading Burroughs’s book (I’ve wanted to read it for ages now!), but hopefully I can fit Katcher’s book in, too.

  2. Wonderful to have you on board despite feeling challenge overwhelmed! :) Hopefully you can find a book(s) that fit across multiple challenges at the same time.

    As far as recommendations, your list looks great. I’ll push for Uncle Montagues Tales of Terror. If you like good old fashioned haunting short stories it is the one to choose. And it has a great ongoing framing story between the short stories.

    I hope you can join us for the group read of The Graveyard Book. It is a great one.

    • Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror has interested me from the moment I saw the cover, to be honest. I’d love to read it this fall!

      So long as I don’t overwhelm myself with books and other life-things, I will join the group read in October! Unless I get the chance read something by him this month, The Graveyard Book will be my first Gaiman experience. I look forward to it.

  3. I’ve been reading Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal, and it’s incredibly thoughtful. I hope you enjoy it.

    Great lists for both sets. Happy reading to you!

    • I’m glad to hear it! I definitely want to read it at some point, though I don’t know if I can squeeze it in next month. It sounds like a worthwhile read.

      Thanks for dropping by (:

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