Library Loot #7

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About a month has gone by since I last shared my library hoard, but that doesn’t mean I put a halt to weekly drop-ins — I have items on hold every week, alas. This week’s loot, mixed with some of last week’s books, was picked up on Tuesday only to have 10 more items pile in the next day. What happened? I was doing so well, working to cut down the stack… Well, I don’t know how it happened (yes I do: I am simply incapable of restraint), but this book-explosion will clash horribly when classes begin. It’s only a matter of time, and in my case — to be specific — it’s a matter of how many books I can manage before September 27th.

Regardless, I do have several books to share at the moment. If you’ve read or heard of any of the books in this post, I would love you hear your thoughts. Without further babbling, I’ll start with the books I feel most eager to read but haven’t so much as skimmed a page!

I know the lighting makes it difficult to see, but Crown Duel (Crown & Court #1-2) sits at the top. Oddly, it is the only book I’ve checked out within the last several weeks that is not hardcover, and in fact — I don’t believe the omnibus comes in hardcover, but I certainly wish it did. Smith’s book is packed with 471 pages small print. Either I finish the library’s copy or I buy it, which may happen anyway. Now that the book is in my possession, I don’t want to part with it. Moving along…

Other books pictured are:

Stiefvater’s The Wolves of Mercy Falls series never caught my interest. Paranormal romances, to whatever extent, really are not for me, and I still don’t grasp the apparent popularity of it. I’m drawn to this book in particular, however, for the Scorpio racing concept and what it means for the protagonist. It’s faint, but I can’t shake off some suspicions, yet I do think Stiefvater’s book sounds interesting. On to Lawrence’s novel, I have read positive reviews from fellow bloggers, and while it doesn’t seem like something I’d normally find interesting, I am undoubtedly intrigued. I can’t be sure that I will like PoT, of course, but I hope that I do — and I must say the same for Un Lun Dun.

My next clump of books partly consists of titles I think will shelve with other R.I.P. VII stories, though I didn’t request them for that reason. Take a look:

Well, well — I’m curious! Dennard’s book is an unlikely pick for me, only because I’m positive I have read nothing of its kind. It’s true: most books I check out belong to the young adult audience, and I usually stick to realistic fiction or (light) fantasies. Even before SS&D’s release, I sensed hype brewing. Whether I will enjoy the story or not, I don’t think I should be so quick to label it a don’t-read.

How did I end up with this? I know, and I’m sure you all can gather, that I put in tons of requests. I put in so many requests, in fact, that you might think it’s plausible that I forget about some. Not plausible. I do remember, and even if I didn’t, I would think the book’s title would seem familiar. Instead I have a blank memory. No recollection of the book or the request, but here it is!

Fama’s book is destined to become my first mermaid story, it seems. I want to at least give Monstrous Beauty a try…

Again, here is another unlikely pick for me. After checking out my held items on Tuesday, I crept back in and wandered around different shelves — poetry, German & British literature, satire, and — young adult (surprise, surprise)! The last time looked in the young adult section (apart from browsing the online catalog), I was put off by the immense and frightful display of paranormal romance as well as the discovery of a squashed gnat. Paranormal romance is still on display, though downsized (and I’m shocked! I thought they’d be on the rise with Halloween next month, but maybe the majority are checked out). A real surprise: I couldn’t find a book I thought I’d like, and just as I was leaving, Anna Dressed in Blood caught my eye. I caved, and now I am going to read it.

Ha ha ha… I’m not Darkling-obsessed. As anyone can tell from my review, I really did enjoy Shadow & Bone. Still, I feel hesitant to buy it. Upon reading other reviews, I think a second read-through will help set my swaying afterthoughts in a more steady direction. Who knows if I will get to Bardugo’s book — I do re-read books, but I am easily and very often distracted by new ones.

Up to this point, all the books I’ve shared are young adult. While the remaining titles might also appeal to YA lovers, I think they also appeal to a larger audience:

Having read and enjoyed several other children’s books by Ogburn, it was right of me to assume I’d also enjoy The Bake Shop Ghost. I’m unfamiliar with Priceman’s work, however, and I am always pleased to find new artists whose style I can appreciate. The Bake Shop Ghost is a cute story, and although it isn’t one of my favorites — especially from Ogburn — I recommend it. Satrapi is also no stranger to me, even if I’m only acquainted with the first part of Persepolis — a graphic novel memoir I highly enjoyed, so I look forward to finishing the second half.

Unlike the previous two noted authors, Neil Gaiman is a man I’ve heard a lot about but never glanced at a page of his work — until now, that is. Rarely have I heard negative comments, because the majority of people I talk to are Gaiman fans. During the time spent not reading but hearing about Gaiman, I’ve grown to expect masterpieces. Essentially, I placed Neil Gaiman on a pedestal — a throne, if you will, indicating his almighty importance — so imagine how it all crashed when the only emotion Miss Finch evoked was disappointment. By my taste alone, the story is okay, but I found myself bored and not interested (and I will say that the cover art fails to match what is inside).

But now I am at the end of library borrowings — some short fiction for you:

I am excited to read both, though I have a feeling it might be some time before I pick either up. What I’ve shown so far hardly amounts to my actual to-read stack, which is a frightening beast no matter how many great books it’s made of.

(I also checked out 3 poetry collections, which I forgot about entirely. Oops. For those interested: Notes from the Air by John Ashbery, Versed by Rae Armantrout, and The Crooked Beak of Love by Duane Niatum.)

Happy reading, everyone!

15 thoughts on “Library Loot #7

  1. Yay Prince of Thorns!!! I really hope you enjoy it :). If not I’ll understand lol, its not everyone’s cup of tea. Lol I actually did laugh when I saw Shadow & Bone in your Library book haul. I really should get around to reading it. Ohhh Persepolis 2, I didn’t even know that there was a sequel. I have yet to read the first one, but again another one to add to my to-be read list. Enjoy your books Raya!

    • Me too! I did take a little sneak peak at a few pages, which only served to further pique my interest. I can’t wait to read it (: If/when you read Shadow & Bone, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Honestly, the Darkling won my favor as favorite character, so most of what I looked forward to was his appearance in chapters, ha ha.

      Persepolis is so good — it’s touching and sentimental, and Satrapi tacks in this wonderful humor that doesn’t undermine the serious aspects. I highly recommend it!

      • I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Prince of Thorns as well! I will definitely let you know my thoughts on Shadow & Bone when I eventually get around to reading it.

        I feel like I should move Persepolis to the top of my tbr pile because it seems so awesome. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

      • I’d really like to review PoT once I’ve read it! I’m having problems picking one book to read at the moment, so I keep switching from PoT and a few others. I should make my mind up soon.

        Have you read anything by Scott Westerfeld? I just attempted his Uglies series, but with little luck. I think I will try his Leviathan series next… It sounds more interesting.

        Persepolis is very good, and I think you’d really enjoy it, too (: I also got the movie to watch once I’ve read the second half.

    • I think the premise of Scorpio Races sounds interesting — I hope I like it as well!

      You should give Bardugo’s book a chance when you can! I think you’d enjoy it (:

    • Me too. I thought I might start reading the shorter works first, but I only read a few pages into The Old Man & the Sea… I’m experiencing difficulty choosing which story to start first, so I’m currently book-hopping! Ahh.

  2. I wasn’t a big fan of the Shiver trilogy by Maggie St…. but I will however say that I thoroughly enjoyed The Scorpio Races. You will have to tell me what you think once you finish it! I have read many Hemingway short stories but never Old Man and the Sea.

    You have some good library loot. Enjoy!

    • I will! :D I’m working through 5 other books right now trying to get to The Scorpio Races, darn library due dates! This will also be my first Hemingway experience, and so I read a few pages of The Old Man & the Sea — I expect to enjoy it. (:

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. I see Persepolis! *funky chicken dance*
    Oh, no! Gaiman is amazing, but well, some of his books do fail to impress. I’ve found that once you read the violent love-inducing ones, you kind of forgive him for the ones that.. um.. fall short. May I recommend The Graveyard Book? Are you going to be reading it as part of R.I.P? And, Sandman. Please read Sandman.

    • I’m starting to see that, I think. I’m beginning to forgive and almost forget my bad experience with Miss Finch, like it never happened. And yes, I’m participating in the read-along! (I need to update my currently reading section on my blog…) I started late on The Graveyard Book, but I like it so far. Oh, and Sandman! I’ll be checking that out, too. (:

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