Reading Challenge: Fall into Reading 2012

The first day of autumn whizzed by and didn’t even know it. Because classes begin this Thursday, I somehow moved autumn to the 27th as well. No wonder the sun is beginning to hide as beautiful grey clouds take over, nippy air refuses to warm up, and… I have a cold with a fever that makes my brain feel like a dumb blob cooking inside my cranium. Yes, summer is officially over. Despite the all-over body chills, aches, and sore throat, I’ve read some great books these last few days! Sick days are always tolerable so long as I have a good reading stack at hand, and you can bet that I have more books planned for the rest of the season. Enter: Callapidder Days’ Fall into Reading 2012 challenge.

I considered the several other challenges I signed up for, and I imagined a reality in which I have a smaller book list. It doesn’t feel right. Me with 10 or even 20 books planned, that is. I like to believe I can read every book I spy with the tiniest flicker of interest because I’m a crazy nut, so what better way to stay on track? Fall into Reading is the perfect challenge for me, meaning: instead of overflowing my TBR list with additional titles, I get to focus on books I’ve already set out to read. This challenge runs from September 22nd through December 21st, and anyone can sign up at any time! Reading lists, of course, can be as long or as short as you wish them to be. I hope a few of you will opt to join me, and I look forward to seeing what others will read over the next three months.

My Fall into Reading 2012 book list:

This would be the  extremely downsized version, and I shall stick to it (or try). There are more books I’d love to read for certain this season, but who am I kidding? There are always  more books I’d love to read. Want to read. Need to read. I don’t doubt that I will move quickly through some of these books while others will take me longer to finish, but I think this is a more manageable count than before. For curious snoops, I will keep track of this list (as well as other books I read) here on GoodReads.

Bis später!

Yeah, that’s 50 Shades topping the pile like a queen but don’t judge me because it’s audio and it’s funny, all right.

10 thoughts on “Reading Challenge: Fall into Reading 2012

  1. The only one I’ve read on that list is The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time! I really liked it! If you like that one, I’d also recommend an Indie book called Mapping The Moon. (I didn’t write it, LOL… not a shameless plug… I really did enjoy it and it reminded me a lot of The Curious Incident book!)

    • A shameless plug never crossed my mind :P Is the author R.L. Clait? I made a lot of failed Google searches before I realized Amazon might make a better search engine!

      I’ve been wanting to read Haddon’s book since I first read about it. I hope I enjoy it!

  2. Let me know what your thoughts are on Y. I’ve been curious about it after I read the synopsis of it. Oh and you’ve got to tell me how you like I am the Messenger. Enjoy The Gathering Storm. I really hope you like it. How are you liking Prince of Thorns by the way?

    • I sat PoT and Y down so that I could finish a couple of overdue library books ): Which isn’t really a bad thing, since I liked SS&D and I’m enjoying Monstrous Beauty, but too many books can feel frustrating sometimes, lol. I’ll definitely review Celona’s book, though, and I should have time to review PoT as well.

      My school is not far from B&N, so I thought about dropping by today. I was going to purchase The Gathering Storm, but they don’t have it in! More disappointment. I looked forward to having it, as in having it today.

      • Classes have gone by smoothly so far, though there is a problem with getting my textbooks “/ I plan to buy them all online tonight, but that’ll leave me textbook-less for possibly a week. I hope I don’t fall too far behind in statistics!

        I don’t have a copy of it yet, but I’m buying it with some other books when I go to purchase my school books (: Can’t wait!

    • Ohh does your school library have your textbooks on reserve? Ours does and you can borrow them for two hours and read them. Maybe you can do that till your books arrive?Thankfully I’m not taking Math, so I don’t have to worry about Stats lol.

      Ohhh I wanted to tell you, Robin Bridges is doing a giveaway on goodreads for The Unfailing Light. You should enter it! Here’s the link

      • I believe the library does, or at least that’s what I’ve been told. Stats is so horribly boring — I go to class and my instructor reads term definitions from the book, and that is it! Ahh, I want to fall asleep. My textbooks will hopefully arrive next week, and thankfully stats homework has only been assigned in small amounts. It’s the German I gotta be careful about, lol.

        Oooh, I entered! :D I ordered the first book already, and I’m excited to receive it with the others I bought!

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