8 thoughts on “Let’s make memories, 2013: my jam jar is ready.

    • I’m glad I spotted the post when I did — people on Tumblr reblog posts like crazy, and it’s terribly easy to miss things. Ha ha, thank you (:

    • Feel free to do so! I love this idea and I’m happy I spotted the post when I did (and just in time for the New Year celebration). I look forward to begin dropping notes in my jar, now!

  1. What a great idea! I think when we’re going through bad times, we just need those reminders that life really isn’t all that bad to help pick ourselves off the ground. Wishing you lots of good times this coming year and less stress! :)

    • Happy 2013, Lillian! I hope your start of the new year went well.

      I completely agree. It’s a nice way to challenge one’s self to try and stay positive in general. I can be quite a pessimist and cynic when under pressure, but even the smallest detail can lighten me up at times.

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