I’m tired and I–

I want to go to bed.

(Do I get plus or minus points for inserting a snippet of The Smiths’ Asleep in my title? The song sounds infinitely more depressing than I feel, but no other lyric can do my exhaustion justice like a Smiths lyric can. I am tired, and I really do want to go to bed.

Plus or minus points for a mini side-ramble with a partly-imagined audience in parenthesis?)

Classes are having their way with me again, and my whole being aches for a good rest. Last week I found myself stuck in frigid temperatures wearing a coat that is hardly useful in fending off -6 ºC to -1 ºC, special thanks to: a closed-down campus, my frozen-shut car, and roadside assistance rejection. My late class ends roughly at 9 PM. It is also at 9 PM that all buildings on campus officially close and lock. Although I did manage to pry the passenger door open — albeit: after some time ticked by — may I advise anyone experiencing a frosty season to create back-up transportation plans? If anything goes “majorly wrong” with my car at an indecent hour, my back-up plans have remained as follows:

Call Mom! Mom always knows what to do. Why don’t I ever listen to her? Wait, nope. Mom doesn’t know what to do? She doesn’t have almighty words of wisdom to cure my wretched situation? “What do you want me to do? You made me miss the end of Tangled. Again.” Okay.

If, for whatever reason, plan A fails, I switch to plan B: Grandma! “You can’t get into your car? Well why not? I don’t know what to tell you, Raya. [Exhales audible sigh, as if to say, ‘Sitting at home and inside where it’s warm is tough work; check your privileges, girl,’ or ‘You woke me up for this?’]” My grandma is not among the helpful kind of people, I know this. This a woman who once asked me “why” I locked my keys in the car. I call my grandma for consoling purposes. Unfortunately, she is as consoling as she is helpful, which brings me to plan C: AAA.

But, oh no! Frozen-shut cars are not considered roadside emergencies?! Frozen-shut doors are of lesser significance than keys sitting inside a locked car?! “I hate to be the bearer of bad news,” said the man on the phone, “but unfortunately–” Well, excuse you, AAA, but fortunately that raucous sound is the sound of angels sweeping down from a distant heaven coming to save me from hypothermia (and from the creepy man hiding by the bushes who believes he’s well-disguised in shadow). That sound is also known as my car alarm, because I just pulled the passenger door open. Ha, ha ha.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. That is what personal triumph sounds like.

This experience taught me that I should hate AAA. I should hate AAA until another roadside emergency occurs and they hold up their end of the deal. I pay membership and they help. Isn’t that how it should work?

An additional lesson I took from this unpleasantry is: be prepared. I just haven’t figured out how I should prepare to un-freeze my car, unless details to worship the sun count. In any case, I wound up sick from the cold that night and I feel gross. I feel gross topped with TIRED and a side dish of EXTRA GROSS, a.k.a. “flu vaccine.” I know — people are not supposed to receive the vaccination if they are already sick, but I wanted to ensure immunity before venturing into the land of Sick People in the country of Nursing Homes. Clocking in clinical hours starting in two weeks, you know.

While this post is a great summary of the past three weeks, here are class notes to further the accuracy and representation of my mental state:

Class Notes

Under normal circumstances my handwriting is legible. This, however, is under the “Me vs. a Four Hour Lecture” circumstance.

I can’t say I am impressing my instructor. How can she miss the one semiconscious student who is nearly falling out of her chair every five minutes? No one should sit through four hours of straight-out lecture. I need to move. I was born with the need to physically move every fifteen to thirty minutes. It’s crushing me, on the inside.

I haven’t died yet,


11 thoughts on “I’m tired and I–

  1. Good luck getting through a four hour lecture. I had plenty of notes like that when I was in school. It doesn’t help when the lecture is long and the classroom is toasty either.

    And I can’t believe it about AAA! They are always my backup backup plan in a car emergency and I would say someone stranded alone in the middle of the night due to an act of god (or mother nature, jack frost, whatever…) should be considered an emergency. Maybe the person you got through to just didn’t want to go outside in the cold.

    • Thanks! Our lectures eventually shorten to about 3 hours, which I think is more tolerable than four. I’m desperately looking forward to that.

      That could be, although there was a girl who’d locked herself out and was also waiting on AAA. She was two parking spots away from my car! Luckily it’s been warming back up (if you call 5ºC “warm”), but saying my keys are locked in seems like my best bet of getting AAA’s help should it happen again.

  2. Oh, it’s a plus point from me. :)
    I hope you are getting better from the cold. I really hate people in the service industry who know nothing about being kind and helping others. Especially if someone might be in danger. It does seem that you might have to learn some form of sundance to pull yourself out of related situations in the future…
    Those notes seem to be written to the rhythm of a nodding head based on years of experience. But I think a four-hour lecture seems far too long for students to remain sane. Does tea work for you?

    • I absolutely adore The Smiths! One of my favorite bands. (:

      Thank you, I am now! Just this past week we had 5 hours of class every evening, which also drained me (and probably the majority of my classmates. Some of us were a tad edgy on Friday), but I took this weekend to recover and get rested.

      I’ve considered that next time — should this ever happen again — I’ll lie and say my keys are locked in. Once the door’s been cracked open I’ll swoop in and voilà! My keys are “found” on the passenger seat, or somewhere in the vehicle. I’ll make it work.

      Ha ha, a nodding head indeed. I hardly realize my head is beginning to slant before I suddenly jerk back up. The worst is when I have sudden arm spasms and my pen nearly flies out or I almost fall off my chair. Gosh, I’ve tried almost everything — tea included. Starbucks energy drinks seems to work okay, though.

      • I totally understand. We have lectures from 8 am to 1 pm every Wednesday. We do have short breaks though, so it isn’t so bad, but one of the lecturers loves to mock at us and he can’t teach AND talks a whole lot of crap. I usually just lie on the table and snooze away during his classes. It just isn’t worth my time trying to keep awake.

        We do have this quite established brand of teas and coffees here and their milk tea does work. Too much. I’m usually shaking and suffering from a migraine by the first hour. Those Starbucks energy drinks look good (thanks, Google). Can’t wait for them to launch it here. :)

  3. I didn’t even know 4-hr lectures existed. I’ve had 3-hr ones and those were already enough to completely drain me of energy, just by sitting there. And I can’t believe AAA didn’t help you out. How does a car door frozen shut NOT count as an emergency?? And considering the fact that you were a lone female by yourself at night, shouldn’t that count for something? Geez. I agree with cross(stitch)yourheart that the person you contacted just didn’t want to bother coming out.

    • They most certainly exist, as do five-hour classes — it’s so draining, I really can’t understand why we’re given only one break. (Sometimes, even: no break at all.) We just finished “lab week” last week — five hours of class every day, but at least we were able to move around and engage in things.

      I had the same thought about AAA. It’s emergent as any other car emergencies get in cold, icy weather. There was another girl in parking lot who had AAA coming because her keys were locked in, so I don’t know. Maybe the guy I spoke to didn’t interpret something correctly? All I know is that next time I’ll lie and say my keys are locked in.

  4. Oh dear. That sounds horrible, Raya.

    Stupid car and lets curse AAA. I can’t believe they wouldn’t help, especially when you’re freezing. I know the feeling of being sick and tired and bleh, bleh, bleh. I came down with flu myself, but luckily staying in bed for three days straight leads to quicker recovery and I’m feeling much better.

    IT seems the bugs are doing there rounds. Try to subtlety move in your seat or shift spaces every 30 minutes to stop your notes getting that bad.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    • It’s really ridiculous. How does that NOT qualify as an emergency? I had left my gloves and hat at home that day, too, and I’m pretty sure my fingers were close to becoming icicles.

      Yuck, the flu. I’ve been lucky to avoid a bad case of it these last couple of years. Good thing you recovered quickly. The icky sick feeling I got from the cold is finally starting to go away! I got a much-needed rest this weekend, or as much rest as I could fit in. Blasted school stress!

      • Oh, that’s absolutely horrible. I really don’t know how they cannot classify that as an emergency.
        That’s very good. Yes, school gives horrible stress.
        All my exams are over for now, but then I have coursework to do. Never a moment to break…

      • That is what gets me the most about school. I do love to learn and feel productive and educated, but receiving no breaks! Bleh.

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