In My Mailbox #1

In My Mailbox is a book meme hosted by The Story Siren. Click here to read more and participate!

In My Mailbox is a book meme hosted by The Story Siren. Click here to read more and participate!

That’s right. I decided, finally, to participate in the In My Mailbox meme, and it’s about time. If any of my regular visitors recall, I resolved to buy books if and only if I intend to read them shortly after the purchase. Well. I haven’t been very good at keeping this promise to myself, but you know what? Buying books feels good. It feels really, really good to walk into a bookstore and leave with what I hope are fantastic books. I know it will be months, possibly even years, before I ever get around to reading them, but the fact remains: I own them, and ownership feels awesome.

I know I haven’t been good at updating Midnight Coffee Monster on a consistent basis, so it is fair to assume that I don’t time-manage well. At all. (Especially when classes are in session.) I do have posts planned, including reviews! It is only a matter of when I can find decent time, and I have to thank each and every one of my subscribers for sticking with me through hiatus periods. Meanwhile, I would love to share my recent books buys. It’s like I said: I didn’t keep my resolve. I neglected and ignored it, or pretended like I never made such a challenge. In fact, I’ve been pretty naughty about it all. But hey! What’s bought is bought, and I am most certainly not returning a single book.


I started The Maze Runner (Maze Runner #1) last year, and I forcibly sat the book down to remind myself of a nasty giant thing called “studying.” School, as always, shoved its bad self in between me and a good book. I wasn’t too happy, but what could I do? I swore to read it “later,” and “later” I have decided, is this year. I would not say that I read too far into the book, but I covered at least a quarter, and oh my what a fantastic chunk of story I read! I’d fallen for this book before I ever started to read it, which is why I went ahead and purchased the last two books in the Maze Runner series.

And now… Patrick Ness. Whoa-ho, I told myself, “Yeah, you shouldn’t buy The Knife of Never Letting Go until you have, in the very least, finished Dashner’s Maze Runner series.” Yeah, okay. That did not go as planned. I bought the book, and I have zero regrets.

But wait! Look at this…

Railsea and The Ask and the Answer I bought the second book in the Chaos Walking series!

Let it be known that I would buy Monsters of Men (Chaos Walking #3), but it’s currently out of stock in-store (and has been for the last three weeks). It is much easier not to buy something if it’s not staring me in eyes. Otherwise, I also made my second Miéville purchase! I still have not read my copy of Un Lun Dun, but I just may start it after I finish Railsea. The cashier had nothing but praise for the latter, and I find that I agree with her as I slowly chug along on Sham’s journey — the world-building and use of language is a blast of refreshing delight!

Classics Of course, I find it nearly impossible to pass up a good book deal when I see it, so when I finally — after dropping into B&N several times a week for who knows how long — I noticed one of the classics stands. (This is probably because I tend to revisit the same shelves repeatedly.) Buy 2, get 1 free! Yes, please. My problem here was figuring out which classics I wanted most, but I eventually left with:

I own and have read The Importance of Being Earnest, which I full-heartedly adore, and I can’t wait to finish reading the other plays. Oscar Wilde, may I say, is on a high level of perfection that no one can touch. He’s glorious. His writing is glorious. I would marry his books if I could, and no one is allowed to insult him in my presence. (Why would you even?)

Berlin Boxing + Peregrine

Well, well. It’s about time I bought Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children! I read this last year, and it quickly found its way to the top of my 2012 favorite reads. This was a library check-out originally, so I’m pleased to finally have my own copy.

But please: let the second Miss Peregrine installment come out this year! If only for the sake of my sanity, because I’m already going bonkers over the discrepancy of Dracomachia‘s expected publication. I need something, here. Come on, Riggs. Please. Please please please.

Lotsa books

On with the classics! I could not ignore Austen, as I found both of these novels marked as 75% off. As a result, each book cost less than $2. Not bad, right? I have already read Northanger Abbey, as well as It’s Kind of a Funny Story (before I knew a movie was to be made), and greatly enjoyed both. Let me say that if you think Vizzini’s book is anything like its film adaption, you’re mistaken. I am still in shock that such a boring and almost uneventful movie was inspired by this humorous yet honest story about a boy and his depression.

I am not sure what to expect from Irving’s collection, as I’m unfamiliar with his writing style (I’m nearly ashamed to admit), but do look forward to Persuasion! While I’ve made several unsuccessful attempt to finish Pride & Prejudice (not because I dislike it, but because I’m always distracted!), I surprisingly took a fondness for Northanger Abbey. Likewise, I hope to enjoy Barrie’s classic just as much, and I am most eager to start it.

That’s a wrap, everyone! Quite a bit of books, am I right? I swear, oh God do I swear, that I will not purchase anymore. …For this month. Ahem. This amounts to what — 15 books? I refuse to acknowledge the price these total out to, but, oh. It was worth every penny.


19 thoughts on “In My Mailbox #1

  1. Jane Austen dance over here! :)

    I’ve only ever read Pride and Prejudice, but I definitely want to read something else by Austen this year.

    Happy reading.

  2. Yay for Patrick Ness :). I hope you enjoy The Chaos Walking Trilogy. I’ve kind of heard mixed things about it, but we both loved A Monster Calls, so let me know how you like this one and I may give it a go. Also double yay for The Berlin Boxing club! I know you’ve been waiting for this one for a long time,so I hope you like it!

    Aaannnd enjoy all your classics!! I adore Persuasion. It’s a beautiful book :). The BBC adaptation was pretty good too.

    Happy Reading Raya!

    • Me too — Chaos Walking really does look like a good, promising series. You know I love YA dystopian books, but there’s something off-putting when the main characters are females… ? (But I did love THG and Roth’s Divergent books!) So I’m looking forward to a male as lead role.

      Berlin Boxing Club!! I have to tell you: I skimmed some parts here and there. It looks good. I’d be surprised if I rate it lower than 4 stars.

      • I haven’t actually read any YA Dystopian books to be honest. I’m only familiar with Margaret Atwood’s Oryx& Crake which I really enjoyed surprisingly. Ohhh and I only saw the note about Delirium you had written in Before I Fall only as I was reading the book. I’ve read some glowing reviews for it and at the same time I’ve read some ones where people genuinely didn’t like it. However I think ultimately it might be a case of personal preferences. So maybe you can borrow it from the library?

        I approve of your skimming of Berlin Boxing Club (:. Let me know how you like once you read it :).

      • I read Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and felt surprised to discover how much I enjoyed it. I love the writing style and sentence structure in that book, and it’s so readable, too. I’d like to read her other books sometime.

        For the most part, I really enjoy YA dystopian novels. I become extremely cautious, though, if the main character is caught up in a big romance — it’s so, so terribly disappointing when a romantic relationship overshadows real issues. I’ve found this happens most often with female MCs. But I’d think you’d enjoy The Hunger Games trilogy, especially if you enjoyed the movie (:

        Oh, but yes — I think I’ll check out both Before I Fall and Delirium from the library. Maybe not at the same time, but I’m curious about the author!

  3. I hadn’t heard much about Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children–I just kept seeing it on TBR lists and all over bookstores. So, when it was a kindle daily deal I figured I could risk 1.99 on it. I LOVED it, but I had not idea there was going to be a sequel, so I was incredibly unprepared for what felt like an abrupt ending. I can’t wait for the second book to come out either!

    • I’m happy you enjoyed the book! It seems to be one of those hit-or-miss/’love it or hate it’ reads, and I loved reading Miss Peregrine (even with noticeable flaws). I agree about the end — it’s extremely abrupt! I compared it to a TV’s show’s season finale-like end in my review, because it didn’t feel like the story was packaged too well. Still looking forward to that sequel, though! And I think there’s lot of room for potential in Riggs’ future books. (:

      • It’s funny that you loved MPHFPC – I was in the other camp and hated it! I was really gutted that I did – I’d been looking forward to reading it for ages, but it just didn’t click for me. I might give it another read and see whether anything changes. It might also be that a progression within the series rounds things out a bit – I hope so, because it’s a great concept! x

      • Riggs’ book definitely is not meant for everyone. It seems like most people who didn’t enjoy it have issues with the photographs and/or the writing style. I didn’t mind the pictures too much — I enjoyed the visual tie-in, really, but I know the book has faults. The ending especially (for me, anyway). Tsk, tsk. It was also made out to be a thriller/mystery type, and I think this disappointed a lot of readers.

  4. Oooh, Patrick Ness. His books are sat neatly on my shelf waiting to be read because like you, I just adore buying books and cannot resist. It just makes you feel good and happy and I cannot help but be pleased to own books even if I don’t read them anytime soon.
    And those classics… cheap and some with rather pretty covers. Ooooh, Peter Pan. I have been meaning to read that book for years.
    And so many other fabulous looking books. I hope in buying these books you have cheered yourself up some! :)

    • Part of me didn’t want to spend the $7 on Peter Pan, because when you look at it, it just feels and appears so light-weight and thin. There’s a part of me that’s more willing to spend money if the book is thick, but: Aaaahh, it’s Peter Pan! It was either J.M. Barrie or Bram Stoker, and we both know which book I ended up with. I’m super excited to read it!

      And you’re completely right: buying books amounts to lots of giddiness. It’s my personal pick-me-up (:

      I will probably buy Monsters of Men soon. It’s only a matter of time, I know it. I went in yesterday and bought Hannah Moskowitz’s Teeth. (Nearly done reading it, and it’s fantastic!)

      • Ahhh, I can see why it is such a slim book but again, it’s Peter Pan! haha.
        The same with me, it’s my personal pick-me-up! :)
        Ahh, I’ve just read a friend’s review of Teeth and she adored it. I haven’t heard of Moskowitz before, but I think I need to get my hands on a copy of Teeth! :)

      • You’d probably enjoy Teeth. (: It is NOTHING like I thought it would be — style and plot especially. But it grabbed on and pulled at my heart strings, and I don’t think I’ll easily forget this story. It has a little special something to it, and I’ll be checking out Moskowitz’s other work in the future.

      • In a good way nothing like what you thought? Or were you disappointed?That’s definitely good to hear!

      • Definitely not disappointed at all! I thought the prose would be more “elegant” (or sophisticated/poetic-like) because a lot of people who’ve read it say the prose is beautiful. And it is — the prose is great, but I didn’t expect the main character to be so foul-mouthed. It fits the character, though, and I loved it. The story is heart-warming with plenty of great and even quotable lines as well.

      • Oh right, that sounds rather interesting. Exciting and different, but of the good kind. I shall definitely have to pick up Teeth then! :)

  5. Enjoy the Irving! He’s one of my favorites, although “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” isn’t for everyone so if you don’t like it don’t give up on him. Personally I think “Rip Van Winkle” is one of his best stories. (I couldn’t tell if the book was a compilation or not, but if it is start with that one instead.)

    • It is a compilation! Funnily enough, Rip Van Winkle is the very first story in the collection. I would have thought The Legend of Sleepy Hollow would be first since it’s the main advertisement, huh. I’ll be sure to read Rip Van Winkle, though! I’m kind of eager to read Irving for the first time, too — I hope I like his writing!

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