In My Mailbox #2

In My Mailbox is a book meme hosted by The Story Siren. Click here to read more and participate!

In My Mailbox is a book meme hosted by The Story Siren. Click here to read more and participate!

I showed off my last book splurge six days ago, and yes: I have acquired more since then. Whoops. If you want to skip my side-rant, scroll right down to the photo below.

The purchases I made are nowhere near the book count from my last IMM post, but… I can’t stop myself. These last few weeks have tired and stressed me out to the point where I’ve felt like calling it quits on this nursing assistant training. I love this class, I do, but it drains, and I  sometimes find it nerve-wracking (especially for us beginners) and an occasional downer to my day.

(I mean: “I slept for two hours. I want to go home, not sit through an additional four hours of class,” or “I slept for two hours. I want to sleep, not get up at 5 AM and stand all day, jet around, and tend to people for the next eight hours.” Praise for those who can do this every day without much complaint, because those are the ones with real passion. Me? I look at these residents and I care and empathize, but: do I really want to do this? I don’t know, and it sucks to put yourself through some tough work only to discover in the end that you hate it.)

Books, however, have the opposite effect. I love weaving through aisles and flipping through curious books, and even returning to the same old books that a deep part of me desperately wishes to own (but I somehow convince myself to put them down anyway). I am down for a library raid any day (and even have some library loot to share soon), and just like borrowing books, buying and hoarding books are a pick-me-up. “This day has been tough,” I say to myself. “I deserve this!”

So what did I get? Ahem:

Siddhartha and Teeth

  • Teeth by Hannah Moskowitz

For months I have heard and read wonderful reviews about Teeth, and I have eyed it for probably just as long. I’d walk into the book store and make a beeline for one of my favorite sections (YA fiction), and ogle and grab and carry this book all around the store. Never did I buy it, though. I’d find another book — or, as is often the case — a set of books I decided I’d for-sure read and enjoy over Moskowitz’s novel.

Like anyone, I feel utterly disappointed to buy a book — so full of hope believing that I will like or even adore it — only to discover it’s a flop. Let me tell you: Teeth is anything but. I am told the prose is a wonderful match for an original story, and thank goodness I agree. Teeth, I learned, is nothing like I thought it would be, which is neither necessarily bad or good, but oh! This book is good. Very, very good. It has been far too long since I’ve felt truly hooked into a story that I can’t put down. Lucky for me that I typically have free Fridays, because I stayed up well into normal waking hours — nearly finished reading — before I decided sleep is a beautiful, beautiful thing. This book and its main characters latched on quickly and have now left me with a lingering bittersweet sensation.

  • Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse (Translated by Hilda Rosner)

This is the story of how I finally came to own Siddhartha and simultaneously made myself feel a teeny bit happier in the process.

Consider this a “feel better now” present to and from myself for having a not-so-great first-day clinical experience yesterday, because I do. I could turn the ordeal into a long, whiny rant, but to keep it “short”: I should have been up and getting ready at 5 AM, and I was. Or did. …Or tried. I physically removed myself from the bed only to lie back down to sleep for another half hour. A half hour became 6:26 AM, and: Oh my holy heavens I have to be there BEFORE 7!

It's smashing

Needless to say: I was 20 minutes late, had a ridiculous time finding available parking, became confused and lost once inside this facility (Where are my classmates?! Where is my instructor?! WHERE IS THIS HIDDEN ROOM LOCATED?!), I most likely annoyed the heck out of several staff members, and I nearly broke down in pathetic tears because I’m extremely ridiculous and I’m late, I’m late! The rest of the day was rough, and I will leave it at that.

What better way to make myself feel better than by driving to the nearest bookstore? Yes, there are other delicious things out in life like chocolate-gorging that send me straight into pure bliss… followed by a free-fall drop into self-loathing. Books don’t have calories I want to stab, so yeah. The bookstore it is.

Siddhartha is just one of hundreds upon hundreds of titles I want to read, and I do hope to read it this year. I made an attempt last year and failed (it’s embarrassingly easy for me to become distracted sometimes), but I know this book is not particularly long. “Great choice,” the cashier told me — he appears awfully fond of this classic, and I hope to appreciate it as well.

13 thoughts on “In My Mailbox #2

  1. Boo about your day :(. But we all have those mandatory days where things just can’t get worse, but they do. Don’t feel too upset/drained about it. I’m sure the days will get better once you familiarize yourself with the place. You should have some tea and curl up with a book (:. I’d definitely like to hear your thoughts on Siddhartha. Being a Buddhist, I don’t think I’ve ever a read a biography about the Buddha. I mean I know his life story, but that’s what I learned in school. So let me know how it is!

    • I think it’ll get better, too, and I honestly can’t wait for that. During the last hour and half we were paired up in partners and assigned a staff member — unfortunately we didn’t do any hands-on work for much experience other than pass out lunch trays. Next week, I’m sure, will be better.

      Tea and a book, yes! I want to do that right now, ha ha. I’m tempted to start Siddhartha today — I’ve been terrible at sticking to one book lately! But I’ll let you know how it is! I might review it, too (:

      • I’m sure it’ll be better next week too. Do you like the staff member you were assigned? Is the hospital where you’ll do your clinicals far away from your house?

        Ahaha I’m tempted to start so many books, but I’m firmly sticking to reading what I’ve started and finishing them.

        Btw my mom mailed you my card for you. I hope you get it by the end of the week hopefully (:.

      • Ha ha, well… She is a nice person, but, uh — oh, how would I say this without sounding offensive? Let’s say some make better CNAs than others.

        She left me and my partner out in the hall a couple times waiting, but I was more shocked by some of her comments. Like, “Yeah, I don’t know what’s wrong with her…” when clearly the old lady is in a late stage of dementia. (It’s more surprising, because this CNA took the same class I’m taking. One of our units was on dementia!)

        I actually do clinicals at a rehabilitation/long-term living facility, but it’s literally right next to the hospital! Without traffic, I’d say it takes me about 10 minutes to get there? It’s pretty close (:

        I’ll keep an eye out for it and let you know when it arrives! :D

  2. Oooh, sounds like a terrible day, try to get into reading and let it cheer you up since you’re right about books not having calories.
    See, only two books, that’s not too bad. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed Teeth so much though! :)

    • Books are almost always my perfect cure for bad days! That, or a really great night’s rest.

      Me too! Teeth is one of those stories that tend to linger with the reader — given that the story manages to connect, because I can see why some people might not like it.

      • They most certainly are.

        I hope I am one of the people who likes Teeth. I really want to go to my bookstore now. Hopefully I can go this week sometime!

  3. I’m sorry about you having bad day. :( But I hope your new books will cheer you up! Teeth sounds really interesting, and I really need to check it out. Enjoy your books! :)

    Halee @ Confessions of a Book Addict

    My IMM

    • My wallet could use a break, but I’m happy I bought the books that I did — they certainly cheered me up, and now I have another great book on my shelf (:

      Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Sorry about your stressful day! Good thing there’s nothing like (book) retail therapy to help a bad day end better. Oh, and I agree with the cashier: Siddhartha is a great choice; probably one of my all-time favorite “comfort” books. I haven’t read Teeth, but I keep seeing it around– must check it out. Happy reading!

    Oh, and I’m a new follower. Your Nigel gif totally won me over. :D

    • I hope you enjoy Teeth if/when you do decide to read it. It’s different than what I expected it to be like, but in a good way. And I can’t wait to start Siddhartha. If only I could begin reading it today! For now I’m stuck skimming passages, but it looks wonderful.

      I am following your blog, too! Thinking about The Wild Thornberrys makes me nostalgic — loved that show!

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