Library Loot #8

  • Library LootLibrary Loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Claire from The Captive Reader and Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library. If you’d like to participate, just write up your post — feel free to steal the button — and link it using the Mr. Linky any time during the week. And of course check out what other participants are getting from their libraries.

I feel like every time I get an open slot of free time — time I’d like to snatch up and use for this blog — something happens. Something always happens, and I’m found sidetracked and busy or sitting down somewhere with a terrible headache and dumbfounded brain.

My clinical last weekend was canceled! Because I have Fridays off, I had a three-day weekend of nothing do except study for one test, but things happened. (I did, however, accomplish a massive spring cleaning, and it feels good. Very good. No one tells me I can’t spring clean in winter.) I had hoped to write my review for Markus Zusak’s I am the Messenger, but that obviously did not occur. (It also doesn’t help that no words come whenever I try to review it. My brain becomes stupid and blank.) This weekend I have a five days off, and let me tell you: I will be upset at myself if there’s no review by the time February 20th rolls around. I challenge myself to review I am the Messenger and Teeth by then, all right. Until then, here are my latest library borrowings:

Library Loot 1

In past Edward Gorey encounters, I generally find that I’m not as taken by his work as other people. I do enjoy his rhymes, I enjoy his illustrations perhaps more, and I like the oddball presentations and twisted mind of his. So what is it about Gorey that doesn’t work for me? I can’t say, because I can’t pin it down. Although I continue to dig around in his work without anything more than a three-star result, I still enjoy checking his books out every now and again.

As for Marciuliano’s book: I have intended to check this out for months, and why wouldn’t I? To keep honest, I did have doubts — especially after reading several incredibly dull or disappointing cat-related poetry books — but I Could Pee on This is everything it should be and more. It proved funny and truthful to the cat stereotype, which I must say as a cat-lover myself, is a stereotype that does describe a lot of our loveable domestics.

I just typed a poem
I just typed a joke in your email

Next along the list are a couple of young adult novels I snatched:

Library Loot 2

I felt almost as excited for Stasse’s The Forsaken release before the publication date as I felt for Hartman’s Seraphina. The latter,  let me say, is the one to get worked up for. Once negative reviews started to flood and pile and drag the average rating down, my excitement dulled. Don’t let the fancy cover and interesting summary dupe you like it did me, because the unfortunate hope I had for The Forsaken to still kick ass was just that: unfortunate. It’s unfortunate because if I had not had any hope in the first place, I never would have wasted time reading this disaster. Most likely I will not review this — I think my GoodReads updates, in summary, do that for me. Enough said. On to better books!

I am also a bit glum to report that I will return Forman’s Just One Day without so much as flipping the pages. Curiosity squirms all about me ever since I came across Forman’s name a couple of months ago. Another day, Gayle Forman. Another day. Right now I’m much too interested in books I own, and I will never get through them so long as I have a library stack that towers in my bedroom. (Not that I would dare call this tiny tripping hazard a tower. It’s when the books hit 15+ that I grow concerned.)

Lastly, here, I have a few graphic novels:

  • Library Loot 3We3 by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Frank Quitely

(Pause this post. Time out. Take a couple minutes — a few, if you must — to appreciate Frank’s name. Frank Quitely. I have to wonder if that is self-constructed or parent-made. Google check: Good morning, Vincent Deighan. Thank you.


Sorry, I can’t hear you over the loud injured cries that sound a lot like whale noises. Those whale noises are my whale noises, because my heart still hurts. We3 played with my feelings, and I think I nearly cried (and no, it was not 4 AM. It was the respectable hour of 10/11 PM-ish). I will never trust a cover with animal cyborgs again, but here: take it and read it, because I highly recommend itNothing can beat the feeling of having a book scoop your heart up only to stab, crush, and light it on fire.

I will recover eventually. When the memory of reading We3 becomes a distant speck of vague recollection, I will be okay. Until another book comes along with a pickax and hammer, that is.

Happy Friday, everyone! Grab a book and cry yourself inside out.


7 thoughts on “Library Loot #8

    • Aside from The Gashlycrumb Tinies, The Doubtful Guest is my favorite so far. It’s particularly silly but odd story, and I love re-reading every chance I get.

      I’ve heard good things about the Fables series in general — can’t wait to start it!

  1. The Forsaken looks pretty good. I really want to read that book and Just One Day. I’ve heard lots about Gayle Forman.

    Shame things keep cropping up Raya and disturbing you from writing on your blog. Hope you find some you time soon! :)

    • Oh, gosh, I hope you have a better time with Stasse’s book than me whenever you get a chance to read it, then. I hadn’t heard of Forman until late last year, but now with the release of Just One Day I’m hearing her name dropped more frequently.

      • Yes. Same here, I’ve never read a Forman book, but I intend to. At some point…

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