I haven’t got a coffee cup left.

Hello friends, readers, and lingering lurkers. I know my activity has proved scarce as of late yet again. School and its side-effects (a busy schedule and exhaustion… Or: “Go away, Life; I’m through with you” syndrome) is responsible for this offense. Again. Like always. Fortunately, however, I do go on break in two weeks, even if that break means only one class-free week before spring quarter starts. Until then, I’m afraid I have to extend my hiatus of sorts out a little further. I will start preparing for finals tomorrow, (possibly) followed by NNAAP/NACES exam preparation. (There is also the matter of my NAR application, which I’m late on. If you don’t know what that is, it simply means that I am successful in setting myself up for new stress.) Nearly complete in taking the NAC course, few things have made themselves discernible with a pinch of confusion glazing my sight, but one thing I do know: the route I’ve slowly been walking down has split apart.

For what might as well be the thousandth time, switching over into an English major sounds friendlier than what I’m currently doing with my life. Although jobs and qualifications of an RN and that of an NAC are different, I don’t feel like this is something my heart no longer wishes to pursue.  Otherwise, from this point forward, it will be Brain combating against My Utter Lack of Enthusiasm. Like the rest of my classmates who chose the same facility for our clinicals, I was handed a job application. It’s something I’m considering with much debate for now. I feel that taking this NAC course will be pointless otherwise, yet it means passing the exams for certification — something I find more of an annoyance but also slightly nerve-wracking. (Performing in front of judges is not an event I enjoy. What is that blocking recall on all that I have studied? Ha, oh look, it’s a memory blank! Thank you, Panic.)

ecard failure

Whether or not I decide to carry on with certification, there is also the matter of switching majors. It is likely that when I return fall quarter, I may not begin my trek through science pre-reqs like I’d planned. Regardless, it’s a back-and-forth issue I’m eternally locked in. The only way out is to try. In all honestly, I fear my advisor. Last we spoke, she thought judging all of my past English courses in comparison to my dire lack of science was reason enough to deem me unfit for the RN program. I’ve neatly avoided her since.

In other news (and by that I mean book & reading & blogging):

  • YA lit, with brute force, is strangling me. I’m not done with it yet, and I don’t think I ever will be done, but I’m craving classic literature as of late. Just recently, I picked up my copy of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. As such, I’d like to review said case. After I’m finished with and have reviewed Showtime (which was given to me for review), my eyes are locked on the likes of Persuasion and Jane Eyre — even Frankenstein. Classic invasion.
  • I will review The Gathering Storm! After finals, though, and I will say that I look forward to reading the next books in the Katerina trilogy.
  • Carrie from The Mad Reviewer nominated me for both the Very Inspiring and Liebster Blog awards. Thank you! I will be compiling my own nominee list and will ideally write posts over break.
  • I’m re-reading Harry Potter! Finally. As some may know, I never finished the last book, but that’s going to change this year.
  • In light of my absence here, I have been over at Tumblr updating nie zu viele more often. Hoorah.
  • The Booker has easily become my new favorite bookish blog. I suggest everyone check it out, because I love her abundance of book recommendations.
  • Book giveaways: I’m considering doing one soon, perhaps next month. I’m still deciding on which book(s) and how to go about the giveaway, but keep an eye out!
  • I am most definitely forgetting things I wanted to say, but that aside…
  • Nick Harkaway’s Angelmaker looks like a great deal of fun, even if I haven’t a clue when I’ll have time to read it.

I regret the deficient number of book-related posts, I hate to say it, but I will see you all by the end of winter (she says, disappointed, and cries)!

6 thoughts on “I haven’t got a coffee cup left.

  1. We all come to crossroads eventually. There’s always the option of going straight on or taking the fork in the road (and boy, does that fork reappear every so often…). I think what’s keeping us on the straight track is fear. Fear of getting lost maybe? After all, we’ve been told since young to never wander too far. I actually can’t make out what the abbreviations mean (heh), so I’ll leave you with that to ponder over. I can’t give you any advice, unfortunately, because I’m sort of stuck in the same situation. Let’s hope we do figure something out eventually. In the meantime, this mundane event called “life” will go on.

    Hope you’ll enjoy Harry Potter at last! And good luck with the classics! My copy of Pride & Prejudice flew economy class with me, but I’ve got to pop by some stores in the city centre to get it some friends (that’s if my luggage has space…).

    • I’ve talked about similar problems with a few others before, and fear is almost always brought up. There is some comfort and safety if you chug along straight forward, and parts of the safety net disappear when you deviate. It’s a scary thing, not having a plan or knowing where you’ll end up.

      I wish you the best of luck for your situation! I hope it all turns out all right for you in the end.

      Re-reading Harry Potter is so addicting! There’s certainly a different perspective now that I’m reading it at an older age, but it’s still wonderfully magical. (:

  2. I completely agree with what thestrangeintrovert said. Fear is such a big factor in our decision-making and most people opt for the well-worn path, as opposed to taking an alternative route. There are pros and cons for either option but having been in this kind of situation not too long ago myself, I’m inclined to encourage you to do what you really want, as opposed to doing something that’s expected of you. (You can perhaps tell which path I decided to take. ;) )
    Yay for re-reading HP and (hopefully) getting to the last book! Good luck on all your crazy exams! (I don’t even want to know what those acronyms are.)

    • I wish I didn’t know what those acronyms are! I had a different image in my head of what I’d be doing with my life and in college. As it turned out, I ended up going down my family’s recommended path, and now that I’ve had a taste of what it will be like… I get the heavy, distinct feeling that it is not for me. I think I will feel better once I’m certified as a nursing assistant, and switching over to what I want to do will fell less scary.

      And I’m agreement when it comes to fear. Choosing the alternate route doesn’t often have a safety net to fall back on. In some cases, too — at least in my experience — people lack support when deciding to do something different, which makes it all the more frightening.

  3. I think our interests change so much as we grow older and we become different people from that person we were when we started university. I went to University thinking I would be that English Major who did four years of it all the way and would be nothing but awesome in critical thinking or whatever it was called lol. But by second year I realized that I enjoyed history much more. And I agree with thestrangeintrovert and Lillian fear definitely is a big factor in our decision making. But I will say this don’t think about all your years in college as a waste thus far because it isn’t. Education in anything is never a waste. And university was founded on the belief of better education yourself right? I think you should follow your gut and do what is best for you. Nobody is going to live your life except for you! And you’ve got friends who support whatever decisions you decide to make :).

    Looking forward to reading your review for The Gathering Storm!

    • That is true, and to have the chance to experience and learn new things is also part of developing new interests and personal growth. If I do switch my major, and I’m pretty positive that I will, I can’t say I’m exactly happy that I spent the last couple of years working on math pre-reqs with few misc. class tossed in, but: at least I tried and learned new things along the way.

      Thanks for the supportive comment (: You’re exactly right: no one lives your life but you. My uncle and aunt have said that to me on occasion, partly because I think they know I was doing something I didn’t want to do.

      The review should be up this week! I started to write the review today, but I got distracted with house cleaning. I already plan to order the second book soon, but do you know if it’s too early to pre-order the third book yet?

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