Library Loot #11

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The weather went from hot to drafty to… cold and rainy. With the nice weather went my brain, apparently, because I’m not only in a “school slump” but a reviewing slump. Or maybe it’s a case of writer’s block. Either way, I figure the best way to combat any pressure I feel to review certain books is to read books I don’t intend to review–or have already reviewed (like Seraphina!). I have two ARCS that need reviews written up before June 1st–one of which I’ll post next month–as well as a research paper due June 4th that I should be working on. Hardly a full plate, but with spring comes longer days and shorter tolerance levels.

Basically, I feel cramped. So I went to the library.

LL 1

These are for my research paper–a large part to my medical anthropology grade–which I feel an urgent need to start. (See, I didn’t stop by the library just to peruse shelves and grab a few recreational reads!) I chose to focus on HIV/AIDS in the U.S. during the 1980s — I may have stubbed myself on this, because I’m almost afraid I’ll turn up with little information that won’t churn out a five-page, single-spaced essay. Published field research appears scant, and it seems there are more sources that focus on AIDS patients and not ‘behind the scenes’ politics of the medical community.

My topic does, however, give me an excuse to re-watch And the Band Played On. I watched this back in February as part of my HIV/AIDS education for my CNA class. The book looks intimidating, though I’m sure it’s highly resourceful, but I do recommend the movie.

I also went wandering in the back of the library and picked up several books on whim:

LL 2

One book I am anticipating the release of this summer is The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo, and I dumped my excitement for it on Ryan’s Water Ghosts. Of course, the only similarities these two books seem to share are 1) ghosts and 2) Chinese characters. While I’m waiting on Choo’s book to hit stores, however, Water Ghosts sounds interesting enough. I’ve also heard a lot about The Brothers Sisters –hopefully I’ll have time for it! I’m wary to approach Connolly’s book, as I did read The Book of Lost Things last year. While I enjoyed the story, it did feel like the plot jumped from here to there without bearing significance on most of the main character’s interactions. I’m hoping The Gates is an improvement in that regard.

That’s all the library loot from me this week. In two week’s time, I can only hope that I’ve managed a decent research paper and have two ARC reviews out of my hair!

Tell me which book’s you’ve snagged from the library lately. How about summer books you’re looking forward to?



10 thoughts on “Library Loot #11

  1. Funny enough I feel like I am in a reviewing slump at the moment, I’m loving reading like I haven’t in a while and it almost seems reviewing is getting in the way because I’m SO into my books at the moment. It’s kind of like, ‘gosh, you mean I have to stop reading and think and write a review of this book? But I want to read the NEXT book!’ Lol. I hope you enjoy your lovely books and feel a little better about writing soon. We all have our ups and downs, don’t worry, your ups coming! :)

    I’m reading Beautiful Darkness at the moment which is great fluffy cotton candy brain food, there are so many novels I want to read right now it’s ridiculous.

    • I think when someone reviews frequently, too, the whole process can feel draining. Some reviews can just deplete my will to write, ha ha, but I think things will feel better once classes end. I understand about wanting to read more than really review — I bet I could read so many more books if it weren’t for the reviewing aspect. …That’s kind of why I like reading marathons. You can just sit there and read however many books you want without needing to pause for review.

  2. I have never heard of And the Band Played On but I’m putting it on my to-watch list after watching that amazing clip, so thanks for the recommendation. Good luck with your research. I hope you’re able to get some light/pleasure reading in as well! :)

    • I think it nails down many of the conflicts and debates that the medical community struggled with, and how their disagreements and decisions impacted patients and their families. It’s a great film, I think. I hope you enjoy it!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting (:

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