Pause for more procrastination. (I leave you with Alles Neu.)

Hi all you readers and lurkers! It’s a dismal Wednesday here, rainy and grey — just how like it, however unusual this time of year. I hope your Wednesday weather is serving you well. I’m putting my busy schedule of Procrastinating On That Research Paper on pause (which is not so much of a “pause” as it is furthering my procrastination) to mention a few stuff ‘n things. The main purpose for this post, however, is to let everyone know that I am taking a short break. Just a short one! My research paper is due in less than a week (and I’ve yet to dig around in any of my sources), which is closely followed by finals. Classes end June 11th, and like most students: I have NOT kept up with the reading in one of my classes and henceforth will be cramming to the point of neuroticism.

This blog won’t be post-free during my hiatus, though. There may or may not be a Top Ten Tuesday post, but I do need to type my review up for Some Quiet Place before June 1st, and I will most likely schedule it for the following week. I had hoped to post my review for Nicking Time today, but life has not gone as planned. If it’s not up by the end of this week, then you will see it after June 4th. I can promise you that. Speaking of June 4th…

It’s the release date for Leigh Bardugo’s Siege & Storm! With exams approaching, I won’t be able to begin reading it the day it finds my mailbox — I’m crushed! But with several other delightful-sounding books on their way to me (The Emperor’s Soul being one), I look forward to a nice pile of summer reading. I’ll post more on this later.

Meanwhile: how does everyone feel about movie and book recommendations? I love nothing more than dumping a list of book recommendations on people, but I also love recommending favorite films. This is an idea I’ve toyed with for the past few months, which first started with the thought to give “weekend reading” suggestions. I’ve never considered my blog a “YA book blog,” although that is what I primarily review. My taste in film is plenty different from my taste in literature, and not all of my recommendations will target the YA audience. I’m not positive if I will do  this, but if I do it won’t be until classes end. I’m also bouncing between posting movie and book recommendations on the same day (Friday), or alternating every other week (books one week; films the next). So what are your thoughts?

Before I end this, I want to thank everyone who showed interest in the A Monster Calls giveaway! A winner was selected but did not respond, and now I await to hear back from the runner-up. (I’m beginning to wonder if my messages are truly sent, or if there is an awful glitch in Tumblr’s system…) If another two days pass with no reply, I’ll carry on moving down the list.

Now I’m off, supposedly to work  on a paper that’s in desperate need of writing-up, but who really knows. Far off from anything bookishly related, I will leave you with a song that someone introduced me to with the phrase “gratuitous German music.” (This person should know that this phrase spawned an entirely new genre in my iTunes library, rightly titled “gratuitous German music.” It is my goal to create a playlists upon playlists filled with such music.)

gratuitous german music

(*Editing in: I am noticing more and more bloggers disappearing from my WordPress Reader. I know this is an issue many people have, and considering the length of time this has been going on, I doubt WordPress intends to fix it. If I am not following by e-mail subscription, I plan to (re-)subscribe to blogs I follow via Bloglovin’ — something I know I can trust.)


8 thoughts on “Pause for more procrastination. (I leave you with Alles Neu.)

    • Thanks!

      Aha, I think Tumblr users ended up having a better chance at winning since that’s where most of the entrees came from. (Although I don’t think I’ll be doing a giveaway through Tumblr again — someone just had her giveaway post deleted by Tumblr staff. Apparently they don’t allow giveaways. Who knew?)

      • Whaaaaat that’s crazy! Why wouldn’t they want giveaways to be going on? It’s a great positive thing.
        I’ve refused to get Tumblr simply because I procrastinate too much already and I know if I get it I will get addicted, lol!

      • It’s news to me, and it sounds completely absurd that they wouldn’t allow it! Here’s the post:

        I don’t remember agreeing to that when I made my account, but then again… I don’t usually read all that small print. (Who does?)

        Ha ha, you’re right not to, because you totally will get addicted! I’ll log in thinking I’ll stay for a few minutes, and then it’s suddenly two hours later.

  1. School is an annoying but necessary part of life. In most cases anyway. Kick ass on those finals!

    I’d definitely like book/movie recommendations. Especially books. I never know where to start when I want to read a new book and it would definitely be helpful (for me at least) to see a recommendation list. :)

    • I just remembered that in addition to my research paper, my instructor also wants a review of the last guest lecture we had… also due the same day as the research paper. Sigh.

      Great! I think I have it sorted… I’ll probably do book recommendations weekly and then mention any film(s) at the bottom of the post that might be a good match.

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