Comforting your sick, lazy self + Twitter

What a fancy seeing me here! I’ve kept quiet for almost the entirety of July, I am well aware. Blogging sat in the back of mind for a couple of weeks, and then it invaded my conscience and found a voice. It said things like, “Post!” and “Review!” and I said, “No.” After leaving one of the more stressful school years behind this spring, I felt I deserved a break. I was done. Kaput. Out of energy. I wanted a vacation from cramped schedules and due dates and ARC reading. Well, I cannot do anything about the books I’ve received for review, but I did–clearly–go away for a short while. It wasn’t all fun: I first came down with a two-week bug followed by a bout of laziness, or you might say my two-week bug was laziness followed by more laziness.

medical conditional called laziness

During this great period of Doing Nothing, I read a bit of this book and that book, watched a show here and there… Which made me think: I love comfort books. But not only that. I also love TV shows and movies for comfort, especially ones I can watch on repeat a hundred times. In every sense of the word, I am a book nerd, though I’d be lying if I said I don’t love sitting in front of the screen for hours just a bit more than reading.

comfort reading

If I feel flu-ish or like a couch potato, I become drawn to certain books that meet certain criteria. When sick, there is no chance I’ll seek a book weighted in politics, intricate plots, and complex storylines. All of these qualities, when brought to life by good writing, can make an excellent piece of literature, but who wants that with a fogged brain? I demand light and simple yet interesting. I don’t want a book whose plot flies ten feet above my ability to grasp it, but I don’t want a book that puts me to sleep either. To name some personal favorites, I compiled a few lists…

1. I love a book that can wow me. A book that’s unique, emotionally compelling, and intelligent. My reading, however, should never be restricted to “smart” or “impressive” novels–reading should be fun, and that entails rehashed plots or predictability equally as much as it entails originality. So long as the reader enjoys the book, who cares?  Straight-forward books that offer non-complex world-building often become some of my favorite comfort material, and here are only a select number of preferred light reading:


*Anna & The French Kiss and I didn’t get off on good footing the first time around, but now–well, yes. I understand the book’s appeal. I understood it the first time I read it, but that understanding is now on par with zealous fans. I’m not a zealous fan–just to be clear–but I like this novel for how simple and light it proves to be. It’s predictable with the perfect about of fluff and drama, and once you accept Anna & the French Kiss for it is, you just might like it, too

2. One word: manga!

Ladies & Gentlemen: Mikasa Ackerman of Shingeki no Kyojin & why she's top BAMF. You are welcome.

Ladies & Gentlemen: Mikasa Ackerman of Shingeki no Kyojin & why she’s top BAMF. You are welcome.

I stand before you at the cusp of entering a manga obsession. I’ve never been a manga person, as I can count on one hand the number of manga I’ve read before this week (two). Having finished EVERYTHING that is currently available of Shingeki no Kyojin (SNK/Attack on Titan), I died. Then, upon realizing that SNK is not the only manga out there, I undied and began my search. I’m brand new at this–a beginner. I can’t provide a decent recommendation list, but I will say that–just like any novel–manga storylines are either complex or simple.  Not all are mind-blowing or likable, but the added bonus of a good manga artist and writer (not to forget: a good translator) make even the sophisticated plots fairly comprehensible. I appreciate this.

e7: blue mondaySo on that note:

*The Eureka 7 manga is an adaption of the original anime show of the same name. Between the two, I highly recommend the anime.

3. Those books I will re-read and re-read and… re-read…

When it comes to reading, my biggest problem is allowing myself to get swept up in one book only to be distracted by three more. I don’t accomplish too many re-reads for this reason, but the aforementioned titles are books I will re-read in an instant. They remain as some of my personal favorites, and I give high praise to each. Whenever I’m down with a cold, this is a handful of what I reach for on my shelf.

Fact: Something Strange & Deadly is my favorite comfort book to re-read. At four read-throughs, it’s my second-most read book (only topped by A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness).

film preview

Maybe it’s because I’m a nostalgic person–or perhaps it’s because I loved my mother’s pampering when I was little–but when I’m sick or avoiding chores, I seek things which define my childhood: Spice Girls, Harry Potter, Disney, and well…

1. “Family-fun movies”

2. Shows that know a good time…

Unless you’re my grandmother who solely lives for Lifetime movies, there is a high chance you will enjoy these shows. I will watch every single episode back-to-back–recycle and repeat; no rinse.

*Now, bumping into people who refuse to watch ATLA is almost as frustrating as discovering people who deny watching it. If you think you’re too old for ATLA and LOK, if you think you’re too old for anything animated, then get out of my face or prepare to be agni kai’d off this planet. I will burn you into ashes of shame and humiliation from which you will never rise. Insulting these shows is outrageous. It’s blasphemous. You don’t stomp over a sacred creation without consequence. Thank and bless Michael Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko, amen.

atla water tribe

Speaking of, Korra’s second season is coming this September! Who else feels excited?

3. Re-visiting a few more childhood favorites…

I am sorry? You don’t like Pokémon or Sailor Moon? We cannot be friends.

twitterYes, I am now on Twitter. Maybe? I am here! But, uh, not tweeting. I am intelligent enough to create a Twitter account, but I am not intelligent enough to tweet. Standby as I finish Twitter for Dummies. In the meantime, drop me a comment, because feed is superbly boring when there’s no one to spam it.

Tell me: What are your favorite shows and books to revisit?

18 thoughts on “Comforting your sick, lazy self + Twitter

  1. I hope you feel better soon! Okay please don’t hate me when I tell you that I don’t like Sailor Moon! Before you throw things at me you do know of my love for ATLAB and LOK and for A Monster Calls! So I think on those grounds we can be friends ;). I’m really excited for the new season of LOK. It’s supposed to air in the fall and the animation seems to be better this time around. The music is as beautiful as it was in the first season. I also approve of your HP watching and watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Have you read that one? Oh and Anne of Green Gables for the win! I adore that book and you just reminded me that I should probably look for my copy of it soon.

    • Ohmygahd, you don’t like Sailor Moon?! I grew up on that show, so it’s impossible for me not to love it. Although I have to admit that I don’t like the English dubs. I think it’s silly how they wouldn’t acknowledge the lesbian couple over here, but they also changed Sailor Moon’s voice several times, and I was watching a YT clip the other day with Luna and no thank you.

      I’m super amped for LOK! I think this season will top the first, especially since they won’t be trying to wrap the whole story up in limited episodes. Do you follow Michael and Bryan on Tumblr?

      My class read Willy Wonka in 4th grade, but I hardly remember it! The teacher read out loud to the class, and we didn’t have our own copies to follow along. But I adore Anne (: Have you seen any of the film adaptions? Megan Follows was perfect.

      • I actually didn’t grow up watching Sailor Moon lol. I grew up watching TMNT, X-Men, Botsmasters, Batman: The Animated Series…Those are the ones that I watched. Some of the English dubs for animes are just so ridiculous. But when you watch some of them in Japanese it can be a little weird, especially if you’re used to watching the dubs. I didn’t know that there was a Lesbian couple in Sailor Moon! Which one is it?

        I feel like Korra will mature in this season. Well I hope she does. I wasn’t the biggest fan of her as the Avatar in last season. I was always comparing Aang and her and Aang was a better one in my opinion. I follow Bryan on Tumblr, not Michael. I didn’t even know Michael had a tumblr. I should look him up now.

        My cousin who just visited wants me to read Matilda and I probably should read it at some point lol. And yup I’ve seen the Anne of Green Gables film adaptations. My cousin owns them :). Have you watched Emily of New Moon?

      • Botsmasters? I’ve never heard of that! I used to see the animated X-Men and TMNT occasionally played on TV, but I don’t think I watched them regularly.

        The dubs vs. subs things, yeah. In Japanese, sometimes the male characters are too deep whereas some females are annoyingly high-pitched, IMO. Then again, when you hear dubs, it doesn’t always sound right. I watched Eureka 7 when I was about 15/16 years old, and I happened to find it airing in English dubs. It’s still one of my favorites since the storyline and character development are fabulous — but I just listened to the MC’s voice in Japanese, and it’s such a better fit. I’m considering re-watching it with subs now.

        Yup! It’s Sailor Neptune and Uranus. I must’ve been 7 or 8 when they were introduced in the dubbed version, but I was familiar enough with the original storyline back then. I think in the American dub, at least, they were introduced as “just friends”? I don’t remember well, but it’s ridiculous that their relationship was even changed.

        I agree. LOK’s season one felt rushed and didn’t flow. Like Korra learning how to enter the Avatar state at the end when it took Aang how long? Korra had proper training, but it happened so quickly. I think it’s because they weren’t planning on a season two, but I’m really glad they got one!

        I’ve seen the movie adaption of Matilda, but I haven’t read the book! Likewise with Emily of New Moon. I haven’t seen all of the episodes, but it used to air in the early mornings over here, so I’d watch it if I was awake (: I must read the book series!

  2. I think you might be the only person I know in my age range who has openly expressed love for the Anne of Green Gables series. Not just the book, but the entire series. I knew there was a reason why I liked you. And yay for animated movies and shows! Spirited Away was absolutely fantastic the first time and continues to be fantastic each time I watch it.
    Hope you continue to have a good lazy summer and don’t forget to pop in and give your blog some love from time to time. :)

    • My mom is to thank for introducing me to the Anne of Green Gables series (: I’m sad to say I only read up to the third book, but I loved Anne’s character when I was younger (and still do). Anne’s not afraid to speak her mind, and I admired her for pursuing her goals. I even chose to do a book report on Anne of Avonlea in 6th grade! (And of course: Gilbert, swoon.)

      I think Spirited away is probably my favorite Studio Ghibli film next to The Cat Returns. I can watch those two again and again and love them all the same.

  3. My to-read/watch list just exploded. I’m going to be useless for quite a while now. :P

    Raya, I was wondering, would you like to buddy-read Fullmetal and Deathnote? And if you’re up to it, Akira? I’ve been meaning to get back to them now that I’m done with exams, and it’ll be fun having someone to read them with. :)

    I’m so ashamed to admit I haven’t watched The Princess Bride. I’m a huge fan of the book, but I’m just scared the movie won’t live up to my expectations. Also, I never watched Sailor Moon as a kid. :( YES to Pokémon, though. Before it got all mental. I still have my collection of trading cards in my treasure box, all neatly arranged in an album.

    I go on a Jungle Book, Aladdin and Lion King spree every time I need cheering up. Singing, “PRINCE ALIIIIII, FABULOUS HEEEE, ALI ABABWAAAAA!” does wonders to your sweaterslothsmushiness.

    Feel better soon, okay? :)

    • I am up for buddy-reading all three! I’d completely forgotten about Akira. I saw the movie AGES ago, probably at a much younger age than what’s recommended, ha ha. Just let me know which one you’d like to start first and when (:

      I feel the same way about the Perks of Being a Wallflower movie. I adore the book so much, and even though Chbosky wrote the screenplay, I’m afraid it won’t live up to what I’ve imagined. I really like the Princess Bride film, though–I just need to read the book! Oh, really? I was a rabid Sailor Moon fan in my childhood — I would’ve made every day a Sailor Scout cosplay day if my mom could’ve found a matching outfit. Ha ha, I had those Pokémon cards, too! I think they got lost in a move, unfortunately. I bet they’re packed in a box hidden in storage somewhere.

      !!! Aladdin is one of all-time favorite Disney movies! My love for it is infinite :D

      • Fullmetal first? Let me know when you want to start, I’m fine with anything. :)

        OH, and I’ve been meaning to ask you. Have you tried Love and Rockets? It comes as a Neil Gaiman recommendation and I’ve been itching to get my hands on it, but apparently the storyline is chaotic and all over the place and half the time you don’t know what’s going on, but then it starts to take shape and BOOM, you’re a fan. Or something like that.

        Okay, with Perks? I liked the book a lot more. But the movie is pretty good, too. It helped that Chbosky wrote the screenplay himself and that I loved the cast – but, I dunno. The book is the book, you know?

        Here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to read The Princess Bride because the book is just mad and I’m going to get the movie. I’ve heard so many fans of the book gush about it, so I’m just going to go ahead and watch it over the weekend or something. It’s about time. Deal?

        Sailor Moon added to list. :)

      • Sounds good! I’ll get Napoli’s Skin out of the way since it’s a NetGalley book, and then we can start? I should finish it tonight (: Have you thought about pacing? One or two FMA volumes a week or? I haven’t gotten a look at the FMA volumes yet, but I seem to breeze through manga pretty quickly.

        Hmm, I don’t think I have. The title doesn’t sound familiar to me. I just looked it up on Goodreads–is it by Hernandez?

        It’s a deal! I’ll grab a copy of The Princess Bride and hop on it this coming weekend. (And I sincerely hope you like the movie!)

      • Sure, let me know when you’re done. :)
        I haven’t thought about that. How about we finish the first two volumes, see how long that takes us, and then pace the rest accordingly? And we’re doing this on Goodreads?

        Yep. I’ve got a few volumes, courtesy of my English teacher, I’ll start reading them after we’re done with Fullmetal. I’ll let you know if it’s as good as everyone says?

        And I really really hope you like the book!

      • I finished Skin last night, so we’re good to start FMA — super excited to begin reading it, actually! Having been obsessed with the anime in my teens, I have a lot of nostalgic ~feels~ I think starting out with the first two volumes sounds good, and yes, we can do this on Goodreads (:

        Okay, so it’s definite: I’m picking up The Princess Bride on Friday. I adore the movie, so I’m sure I’ll love the book, too. You’ll have to let me know what you think of the film!

      • Okay, great! I’m not reading anything at the moment, so we can start right away. :)

        Oh, good. Your Goodreads updates will be interesting. :P Every time I pick up The Princess Bride, I end up laughing way too hard to form coherent sentences. And, yes. I’ll make sure I watch it either tomorrow or the day after – I’m too excited to be revisiting Fullmetal to appreciate much else at the right now.

      • I started FMA yesterday, but yesterday was my mom’s birthday so I didn’t get much reading done. I got through about 13 pages? I love it, though. It brings me back to the anime, which I just might start re-watching after this.

  4. I wish you much tea for your illness. When did you first read Anne of Green Gables? (And. I can hardly believe Spirited Away came out in 2001.) Why Paper Towns over John Green’s other books?

    Some of my comfort books are manga (basically anything as long as the art isn’t excessively cutesy), a handful of Eva Ibbotson’s works (all of her romance is, indeed, predictable and formulaic)–and The Goose Girl–more complex than I usually like my Books of Unwellness, but the fantasy is nice and easy, nothing requiring too much brainpower (and a break from the Nightrunner series, which I adore but which has me flipping to the map every other page).

    • I’m afraid I’ve been binging on that peanut butter. Binging to the point where I can’t muster the will to continue binging. Anne of Green Gables: somewhere between 10 and 12? I know I read the third Anne book for a report in 6th grade, and I had to dress up like an 1800s citizen. The hat I wore was not the most flattering.

      You know, I thought especially of you when I picked that John Green book. I remember you told me it was the worst of his novels. I don’t like Margo, and the end made me mad. But. I like the MC? God, but how I dislike Margo. I didn’t choose LFA, because that’s guaranteed to make me feel worse from staying up all night to finish it. And I don’t really like TFIOS, hush.

      Goose Girl is on my to-read list. The title alone is enough to make me curious.

      • I was going to make peanut butter cookies today, but my mess of a kitchen destroyed my motivation. Tomorrow, tomorrow, there is always tomorrow.

        And I feel very, very special. Margo’s sole redeeming characteristic was her name. Has a ring to it. A stern, matronly ring. Even if it does mean “pearl” or “daisy” or whatever–like that girl could ever be compared to a delicate cheerful flower.

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