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Salutations, Internet. The name’s Raya (ray ə), and I will haunt your closet and tarnish every pair of shoes you own should I catch you mispronouncing it. The key to my undying happiness revolves around coffee tea consumption while I simultaneously complain about sleep deprivation.

I will never discuss my age with you, as many automatically mistake me as 5 years younger than I am; consequently, I feel ancient and spiteful. To provide you an idea, however: I am a college student in my early-ish twenties. After a few years of slowly killing myself through nursing pre-requisites, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Generally speaking, I am partly motivated to do things unless those things can be categorized as one of the following:

  • A:TLA & LoK marathons
  • Cheesy Korean dramas
  • Chai tea
  • Sleep
  • Peach tea
  • Tasty, edible food
  • Iced tea
  • Juice
  • Buying books
  • Black tea
  • Scheduling library raids
  • White tea
  • Reading books
  • Tea
  • (I also like cats)

In all the above cases, I am enthusiastically motivated.

Because I adore purchasing, borrowing, hoarding, and yes, reading books, I enjoy sharing my bookish finds as well as reviewing recent reads. Mind you, I time-manage poorly while in school and reviews may, on occasion, become scarce during these times.

I run a Tumblr book blog as well as a main Tumblr blog.

13 thoughts on “About

      • I have to give it to Death, though: at least we were warned beforehand, but then I was left with a sad sense of looming catastrophe. I knew what waited for me at the end — it’s sad and heart-warming all the same.

      • yeah! using Death as the narrator was a stroke of a genius. I really want to read Zusak’s other books, but my to-be read list is already crying out to me, saying that I should finish with them, so they can graduate to the “read” list ;)

      • Me too! I am the Messenger looks good. I’m wary about his Wolfe Brothers series, but I’ll certainly give them a go. (Well, at some point I will. My to-read list is huge as it is!)

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