My reading companion

Phu Phu (fōō fōō) n.

With an unknown birth date, the number of years that have piled onto Phu Phu’s lifespan hide behind a veil of mystery. Very little has been established about this creature, but few facts are undeniable: he’s male, pink, and deader than steadfast silence perspiring at a Hoobastank concert.


3 thoughts on “My reading companion

  1. I have a babydoll named Terry. It’s unsure whether Terry is a boy or a girl (my family goes with girl), but I have traveled with Terry and spent maybe a cumulative month without her in my bed since my first birthday. Terry can vote. Next year, she can buy alcohol.

    • When is Terry’s birthday?

      Phu Phu never leaves my bed except when I take over for sleeping purposes. He’s been with me since I was three, and life wouldn’t be right without him. Sentimental attachments and such~

      • My birthday, I guess. She’s just a year younger than me. Terry leaves my bed when I leave my bed to go to a different one. We sleep in different beds together. She’s currently in my backpack by my feet at this airport.

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