Top Ten Tuesday #4

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This week’s top 10 are bookish confessions. As a fairly honest bookish person, listing 10 confessions proved difficult — I didn’t think I would list that many, but with a little extra thought and searching…

1. I never finished Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, which I’ve only recently begun to admit this year. I had left off at the moment Harry wakes up to see Hermione’s and Ron’s hands outstretched toward each other, feeling lonely. At some point shortly after I called it quits, and the decision had nothing to do disinterest. I stopped for a few reasons:

  • Any and all HP 7 spoilers went flying out from a friend’s mouth. This did play a role in some disinterest (though only a small amount!), but…
  • My memory is shoddy with just about everything. In fact, I’d say it’s only good for retaining English lessons from years ago and past reads. It’s therefore unusual for me to forget something so direly important to a book’s plot, such as, “What is a horcrux?”  But it happened.
  • I did not want Harry Potter’s adventure to end for me, and I could not find courage in me to face Dobby’s death scene.

Until I finish Deathly Hallows, I refuse to see the second half of the film. Book before film, always. At least for Harry.

2. One day a pile of library books were stacked at my bedside on the floor, which is located no more than a foot away from my desk. At the desk’s edge sat another book stack — rather wobbly — topped with my coffee mug. The wobbly stack didn’t support the mug’s weight, and coffee spilled everywhere. Philip Levine’s Breath collection mopped up a bunch of large stains. I never said anything, and I was never charged damage fees.

3. It’s easier to feel excited by adding new books to my collection than by reading them.

4. One bookish secret I have never told a soul until now is that I never finished Laini Taylor’s Lips Touch: Three Times. I felt far too anxious to start the next book in my to-read pile, so I read about quarter of Taylor’s third story at most. It’s not as though I felt bored by Taylor’s stories, because I liked the first one and enjoyed the second with enthusiasm pumping through my system. I liked the second story so much that the third felt disappointing, I suppose.

Notes found in Sylvia Plath’s Collected Poems

5. I love finding other people’s annotations inside previously read books, but besides annotations? That depends. I have found an old receipt for cigarettes, bookmarks, students’ tardy notes for school, and library check-out receipts. I like finding check-out receipts, because I see which books were borrowed and discover new reads.

6. As for me, you can find annotations in just about every book I read — even library books. I used to erase my pencil markings for the library, but then I grew tired of it. (And by “annotations,” I mean: yes, I write notes, but I more frequently mark quotable lines.) I feel like I am marring books, but I also like it when I find that someone else also found the same sentence as interesting as I do.

7. I chose to write a book report on Mein Kampf, which I checked out from the library. I guess you can say that, technically, I didn’t finish the giant second half of the book. Before going ahead on my decision to read Hitler’s book, I wish I had looked at the translator’s note. It acknowledged that Mein Kampf offers no insight on the reasons I picked it up. Not only that, but it racked up a library fee worth $20+.

8. Luckily I never had  to pay the $20 fee. The library system somehow kicked me out, so a librarian told me I could create a new account. “That’s good news,” she said. “It means you didn’t have any library fees!” Shhh.

9. Reading slumps plague me the most when my work load is light, and all the fun gets sucked out of my favorite hobby. I want to read, but the slump says, “No!” So I then force books upon myself and feel even worse.

10. It’s not that I’m not looking forward to J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy, but I’m worried that I won’t enjoy it. I want to enjoy it. I want to love it almost as much as I love her Harry Potter series, if only because this is J.K. Rowling: the woman who first got me to stay up until 4 AM, reading, entering a magical realm and refusing to leave. Up until that point, I don’t think I’d ever felt attached to a book before.

These are my top 10 bookish confessions! What are yours?