Library Loot #10

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I’m back with more loot! A lot more loot, at that, which is a sure-sign of spring quarter burn-out. The first indication of school burn-out is actually when I’m spotted wearing Ugg boots. Yes, boots in spring (and silence yourself before judging my fashion sense, because it doesn’t matter what anyone says: those are the most comfortable footwear to exist, and wearing them is my way of saying “I don’t care about a thing unless that thing is doing nothing.”) Pffft to what Steve Pool says (only my favorite weatherman). Just because it’s spring does not mean it’s warm. (*Okay, it’s warming up. That still doesn’t mean it’s warm.)

Lazy dress code aside, the next thing I go to are books. Lots of books. Too many books for me to possibly read in a one to two-week period. But if you dump too many reading assignments and papers and tests on my lap, and I will instinctively seek to crawl up in a book pile where I can forget about all this work.

Work is bleh, and here is how I deal with it:

Library Loot 1

It finally came in! Not Watchmen but Saving Francesca. My library doesn’t have the book, so I requested it through an inter-library loan. Months ago. And several times before that, I swear it, but it seems like not all my requests go through or they are cancelled for some reason or another (like my ever-growing library fee). Marchetta’s novel takes reading priority above the rest, since I hate trying to renew loans. Obviously, I also picked up Watchmen — I was eager for it!

Library Loot 2

I went a tiny bit overboard on the “gritty” YA books, but they’re all titles I’ve had my eyes on for a long, long time. (Zevin’s book is probably more of a YA contemporary chick-lit, though.) I recently watched the film adaption of Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac (movie trailer!), which I think is a giant two-hour waste of BLAH and BORING and basically UNEVENTFUL. I have a feeling the book is better, which is why I decided to pick it up. Alexie’s novel, I’ve heard, is really quite good, so I hope to fit that in before the due date creeps up.

Library Loot 3

Oh, chick-lit. I gotta say it’s not always my cup of tea, especially the melodramatic and predictable ones. *cough*lola&theboynextdoor*cough* However, if there is one thing I do like about this genre, it’s that they are generally light. Right now, I need light novels. Cohn and Levithan’s collaborative work sounds like the most promising, but I have no idea what to expect from the other three. Eulberg’s book is something I want to check out for what sounds like a fun, possibly humorous read. Love & Leftovers is a novel in verse, which I’m generally wary to approach, but I hope to be surprised.

Library Loot 4

  • Hamlet by William Shakespeare
  • Slam by Nick Hornby

These, along with Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour (hey, I saw it there on the shelf and went for it), are random grabs. There is something about reading Shakespeare on my own that feels intimidating. I remember reading Macbeth in school and how the complementary lessons lent me insight for a deeper read. Unfortunately, Macbeth remains the only Shakespeare play I’ve read thanks to my ninth grade English teacher. (While everyone else read up to three Shakespeare plays and classics like Animal Farm, my class spent half a semester watching Amistad so that we could understand  racial inequality and “big words” like “to scold” in To Kill a Mockingbird. It was all very insulting, not to mention disappointing.)

Now if you’ll excuse me: I have a medical anthropology textbook to murder.

Library Loot

(*All right, it is warm. Or: No, actually, it’s hot. Too hot for any boots–especially my favorite comfy pair, dammit.)