Library Loot # 13

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It took a few minutes of self-lecturing/scolding to cancel some of the items that came in, and it took even longer not to request more books than what I’m currently waiting on. There was no chance of getting through the original 10+ items when I have yet to finish my two library books from last week. (Then again: I’m not feeling you, Contemporary.) In any case, I’m determined as well as excited to read the books I picked up, especially these first four…

LL 1

I have seen people’s jaw snap open and hang from shock when I say, I’ve never read a Tamora Pierce novel! Her work has been recommended to me before, but I never knew where to start — Tamora has so many books and series that it’s almost intimidating. Someone suggested I begin with the Song of the Lioness series, so that’s what I intend to do. I’ve been warned that the world-building is not as good as her later books, so I don’t expect to be mind-blown. At the same time, I’m sure the series is wonderfully entertaining and I hope to enjoy it!

LL 2

I did not expect The Rithmatist to become available so suddenly. My own copy of The Emperor’s Soul recently arrived, and I had planned on reading it first. To be honest, I don’t think I’ll get around to reading The Rithmatist before the due date creeps up anyway, as I already have a full ARC schedule–and, well… 378 pages feels more intimidating once the book shows up in all of its mighty weight and page-thickness.

LL 3

More books and their large page-counts! I’m not sure I will read Icons, because although I do want to read it and like the summary, I’m not in the proper reading mood for a YA dystopian. Firelight, however, still has my interest, and I admit to requesting it last-minute–it was too tempting not to! I learned of it recently through Carrie’s five-star review, and that coupled with Seraphina-like similarities* makes for an enticing book.

*Okay, so the only Firelight/Seraphina similarities I gather are
1. Dragons
2. Half-dragons
3. Complicated romance
4. Female protagonist


5. It’s fantasy

They’re not exactly twins, but can you blame my excitement given the overall quality of Rachel Hartman’s book? At this point, I will squeal at the mere mention of dragons.