July book releases (and literary lust)

“When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.”
— Desiderius Erasmus

Desiderius and I know how to prioritize. Do you?

I get nerdgasms just thinking about reading, and it’s true. The giddiness and anticipation form an overwhelming emotional growth–a blood-rush, a feel-good high. The same phrase is also displayed on my GoodReads profile, plastered across the screen for all eyes to peer at in book-nerd pride.

I spend a good chunk of free time perusing books and tossing their titles into my ever-growing to-read pile. To think about holding any of these books, let alone read them, jump-starts my pulse from a resting rate of 65 to 150. Booksbooksbooks. I admit it: I’m obsessed, sometimes weird, annoyed with life, and a genuine book nerd. Bibliophile, however, is a kinder term.

It happened perhaps a month or two ago: me, gasping in excitement while surveying the book shelves. The Hunger Games attracted my attention, and I thought the lusty glint in my eyes gained the ability to create sound: My oh my oh my what a wonder! (“The Stars and the Trees” by The Lighthouse and the Whaler.) No, it was my phone.

“Mom,” I said. My tone absorbed petulance.

“Minerva,” she grumbled. (Note that no one in my family refers to me by my birth-given name with the exception of my grandmother.)

“Do you think I should by The Hunger Games trilogy?” I didn’t need to ask. I could have bought the books if I really wanted to (and I really wanted to), but asking my mother of all people is my way of setting myself straight. I asked because I know money can be spent on more “important” things, and I know that my mom will scrutinize my life and slap a NO in my face each time.

“No,” said my mom. “Why are you asking me?” (I never did find out why she called me, but I digress.)  This later evolved into an argument concerning my “lack of responsibility” and “poor prioritizing.” I swatted her criticism out the window and reminded her: I would rather buy a book and go hungry than buy myself a meal.

“Well that’s just stupid.” Eyes rolled, my mother huffed, and I read a book.

But I’m always reading a book, and as if I didn’t have a smothering amount already, I have an eye on several upcoming July releases… Continue reading