Attack! A new year! A new blog!

A happy New Year’s Eve to everyone! I hope you all didn’t forget about me, because I didn’t forget about you. My days became scattered and frenzied these last few months, which turned into a habitual lifestyle that–despite mild craziness–felt oddly mundane. September through December included my last quarter of school–at least for one year (and hopefully no longer). Hating On Environmental Science & Environmental Science Used Textbook Prices became a new hobby of mine, and classes took their typical toll not only on my tolerance for irrelevancy (I’m looking at you, Weekly Interpersonal Communication Papers), but it destroyed my will. Even the smallest speck of motivation to do ALL THE THINGS ceased to exist, because ALL THE THINGS pressed down like one giant, heavy weight. At this point, blogging sat nowhere near the forefront of my mind, and a bucket of boiling dislike followed on the occasions that it did surface. …Not that there was anything to blog about.

What is a book blog if the blogger is not reading any books? What do I review? What do I update? As my interest in any and all things bookish died down, even my Tumblr book blog suffered–and still is. Just when I felt as though this reading slump was beginning to dissipate, it crashed back down in one blow. Although I did not start midnight coffee monster as a book blog, it happened to grow and lean toward the bookish direction. This… is unfortunate. I love books–I love picking them up off shelves, ogling at them, and reading them–and I love literature. I always have and I always will, but there’s an issue: reading books is only one interest, and interests–as interests tend to do–fluctuate. Just as my interest in particular genres, authors, audiences, and writing styles waver. Just as my interest in creative writing or learning an instrument changes. With all that said, I’m experiencing a big problem, and it’s called a reading slump.

If there is one thing that past slumps have taught me, it’s not to force-read books. So I asked myself again: what do I post? The more I thought about it, the more disgruntled I became with this blog and the direction it’s taken off in. I feel irritated by many things regarding midnight coffee monster, but I gained perspective from the time spent here. If given the opportunity to start fresh, I would do things differently–from posted content to how it’s run and overall intent. This is why I’m officially naming midnight coffee monster a dead blog. From now on, any blogging activity outside of Tumblr will be set on a different stage. This new virtual nook of mine is not ready for public viewing, as I feel much more meticulous than before. It’s still in the construction phase, and I am in the process of transferring over selected book reviews. Rather than showcasing this blog to everyone now, I’d like it be ready and settled first.

What I will say is the obvious: I do not intend for this blog to chiefly focus on books. While I am still thinking it through, expect me to branch off toward more show & movie talk, possibly music, and maybe personal tidbit posts. In general, I intend for it to become a summation of thoughts, interests, and hobbies. My hope is that it will more accurately reflect who I am and what I like, in turn offering content variety.

In the mean time, I want to update on what I have been up to book-wise–which, as you know, has not been much. It goes without saying that I altogether neglected midnight coffee monster, and as I said before, nie zu viele continues to receive little love from me these days. Still, over at nie zu viele, I did manage to integrate and compile

I won’t be back until it’s time to introduce my new hotspot, so until then: here’s me wishing you all a happy 2014!


7 thoughts on “Attack! A new year! A new blog!

  1. I’m looking forward to your new blog Raya :). Don’t worry you’re not the only one who went through/somewhat going through a reading slump. I hope 2014 will be an awesome year for you :). I’m looking forward to talking to you about Kdrams and everything in between lol! Take Care and I’m so glad to see you back! I missed your posts!

    • I’m anxious to get back to blogging! I’ll miss this blog in small ways, especially the name, but I am excited to start fresh.

      I’m going to attempt a Tumblr read-a-thon for tomorrow… good thing, I have a few novellas on hand, because just looking at a book’s thickness or the text on a page makes me want to sit it back down. Still unsure if I’ll make any progress, though.

      Yes, K-dramas! Did you get my card, by the way? I mentioned a few dramas in the letter I stuck inside. Oh, and I did get your card! No one had checked the mail until yesterday, so it may have come on Friday or Saturday. Thanks for the happy holiday wishes, Savindi! (:

      • I know I said Happy New Year to you before, but Happy New Year again Raya! How is your tumblr read-a-thon going? Oh and I wanted to ask will you be deleting this blog permanently or will you still keep it?

        I actually haven’t checked mail yet, so I’m not sure if your card came, but my mom is going to work tomorrow so she said she’ll check the mail then. Sorry the weather has been so cold today that I didn’t step outside. Thank you for the Kdrama suggestions in advance! I’ll let you know once I get your card!

  2. Sorry to hear that this is closing down, but it is understandable given what you are going through with education, etc. Still, looking forward to the next one, so please let us know when it is up for public consumption. Have a wonderful 2014!

    • I’m a bit sad over the matter — I’m particularly attached to the name, but I look forward to a fresh start and a different way of running things. Happy New Year! (:

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