A new blog: I’ve moved!

In my last post (nearly a year ago, forgive me) I mentioned that MCM would be abandoned in favor of a new blog. I also said that I would introduce my virtual niche once it was properly up and running, and I have to apologize. It’s been up for a while—not for too long, but long enough. You can check it out here, if you like. Some things to note:

  • This was not my first choice blog title or URL. Unfortunately, my go-to—and any variations of it—are taken, mostly by inactive blogs. (I shake my fists in rage.) If you’re curious, I will tell you that I derived it from Fringe.
  • As you will see, I am not blogging only about books. I am a heavy K-drama addict, and I love foreign films. Expect me to talk about these things a lot.
  • If you are at all familiar with MCM, I’d say you know my reading preferences fairly well. However: I’ve developed an aversion to most YA, and I am gravitating toward different books. I’m currently reading The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo and will review it.
  • Blog goals are to post 1 – 2 times a week, unless A Thing happens and wrecks havoc on my schedule
  • There are no specific weeks or days that I dedicate to books or TV & film. It’s probable that I’ll post three weeks straight about a TV show and then publish a bookish post on the fourth week. Because I go with the flow of what currently interests me, I find it difficult to remedy this.
  • If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, feel free to drop a comment at my new blog, send it through tumblr, or email me at theairtwit(at)gmail(dot)com

I also want to say that if you have attempted to contact me through the email provided on this blog, I am very sorry! I have not signed in on a computer since perhaps last year, and I disconnected the account from my phone. Also note that I’m currently following under 10 blogs—that goes for both my NEW BLOGLOVIN’ and WP BLOG! I abandoned MCM, but I won’t leave you guys behind. I’ll be adding more blogs to my feed shortly!

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